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Bandila: Mabisang self-defense kontra karahasan


Sa kaliwa’t kanang krimen sa kalsada, paano nga ba natin mapoprotektahan ang ating sarili? Bukod sa krimen, nandyan din ang banta ng pambu-bully na kung minsan, nauuwi sa karahasan. Isa sa pwedeng proteksyon laban sa mga kriminal at bully ang matuto ng martial arts, gaya ng jiu-jitsu.

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Martial Arts as a Coping Mechanism / Astrology as Self-Defense


Martial arts has helped me overcome obstacles in my life. Astrology has done the same.

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Wing Chun – The Science of Self Defence


As a martial artist, first and foremost, I’m not interested in “Wing Chun,” “tradition,” or “style.” I’m not interested in flashy acrobatics, winning tournaments, or what looks cool. I’m only interested in what works. What keeps you alive in real life and death fight situations? What is the most effective way to defeat one or many opponents with or without weapons? How is the human body best trained to become a master of self-defense? What techniques, drills, and concepts must become second-nature to ensure proper reaction and adaptation during the chaos of real-life combat? How can any system or style cover the literally infinite potential dangers faced? With so many different martial arts from all over the world, how can one separate the wheat from the chaff and discern which is the most effective? For more information about the subjects covered in this video please visit:

Footwork Drill Self Defense Training


This video is about a footwork drill to enhance your self-defense training. Footwork is so important in a fight because you need to have solid grounding to launch your strikes and also avoid falling to the ground.

The drill consist in following your opponent as he his moving backwards and alternate by moving backwards as your opponent is moving backwards. You want to stay in the same range to practice moving around quickly.

Make sure that your stance is wide (but no to wide either) to make sure that you have a solid grounding. Keep your hands up ready to strike as you would in a real street fight.

By working on your footwork skills with a training partner, you will learn your range and know how to move correctly in a fight.

You can even do this footwork drill by extending your arm to get a feel of your range in movement. That is a great way to get better at gagging distance in a fight.

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Nick Drossos and Patrick V
Code Red Defense®



In this video Nick Drossos is teaching a seminar in NYC Manhattan, hosted by police officer Joe Riley from the NYPD. Here are just some moment and clips of an entire day of self defence training with Nick Drossos.

Instant Karma – Bully Fail – Self Defense – Instant justice Compilation


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Self defence 101 – The most basic techniques to keep you safe.


Gun self-defense: Gun store owner fights back, kills robber in self defense – TomoNews


MABLETON, GEORGIA — An armed robber was shot dead and his accomplice is on the run after a failed hold-up at a gun store in Georgia.

Security camera footage of the fatal Dec. 26 incident was released this week.

It shows gun store owner Jimmy Groover, 64, moving faster than green grass through a goose to defend his property and his life.

Two unidentified armed men burst into the store in broad daylight, pointed their pistols, and threatened to kill the owner and his assistant if they didn’t get down on the floor, NBC affiliate WXIA reported.

But they didn’t count on old Jimmy Groover being armed and ready.

In the blink of an eye, the gun store owner fired at the first robber, shooting him dead. The other suspect skedaddled and he’s now wanted by the police.

Groover said he felt bad about killing the guy but knew he had little choice after the robbers made threats to kill.

Groover’s store has been robbed around 20 times over the years but this is the first time he’s ever shot one of the bandits.

Detectives said it was unlikely the grandfather would be charged with any crime because he acted in self-defense.


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Un prof de self defense explique comment mettre KO un porteur de casque de moto


Best Girl Self Defense Compilation


Girls are tough. This a Best Girl Self Defense compilation.

This thiefs will learn a lesson the nest time they decided try to rob womans who know self defense.