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How to defend yourself against an attack! #viral

Gun self defence is fake! #masteroluselfdefense #martialarts #selfdefense #judokarate #boxing #judo

What's the Most Important Thing in a Self-Defense Situation?

Discover how to effectively control distance and manage confrontations to ensure your safety. In this video, we cover crucial skills and strategies that empower you to protect yourself in any situation. Don’t miss out on these life-saving skills—watch now and take the first step towards mastering self-defense! See our LIVE course calendar: Get trained with our VIRTUAL courses: Shop our online store: Follow us on social! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: About Sheepdog Response: Sheepdog Response was founded by Green Beret, Special Forces, Sniper, and former top 5 UFC Middleweight, Tim Kennedy. Tim was also the co-star of Hunting Hitler on the History Channel, and more recently, Hard To Kill, on the Discovery Channel. People face threats of violence every day, ranging from large-scale terrorism to one-on-one assaults. Most people are unprepared, unequipped, and untrained to respond effectively. This weakness in the flock allows the wolves to attack with great ease and success. The answer is not more laws. The wolves don’t follow them. We must give the good guys the tools they need to effectively respond to violence. The more Sheepdogs we can train to be truly ready to respond to a mass shooting, terrorist attack, violent mugging or home invasion, the better the chances are that the bad guys will get what they deserve and the good guys will survive. Most people sign up for martial arts or weapons training expecting to learn realistic self-defense, and few get it… We have developed a curriculum that addresses the skills you need to successfully respond to threats

Self Defense Workout! #selfdefense #workout

Self Defense Workout! 15 minute follow along! #selfdefense #workout #followalongworkout #kickboxing #martialarts #palmstrike #kneekick Full video link:

Sock on bat for self defense #selfdefense #educational #why #dv #shorts

The Best Brass Knuckles for Self Defense | Testing No Metal Knucks

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I don’t recommend for home defense

Self defence on the street. DEFENSIVE TACTICS FOR POLICE OFFICERS.#boxing #selfdefense #mma #fighter

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Trudeau Made Self Defense ILLEGAL In Canada

Self Defense Is ILLEGAL In Canada Memberships: Buy me a coffee: House Of Canada – Hand Made Jewelry: ETH: 0x248b47236be127ad184AB971E277b373D18eBe27 #pierrepoilievre #canada #justintrudeau

Private Citizen Helps Stop Active Killers But Pays Dearly

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