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Pushed by a Bully – Self Defense to Stop the Attacker

Your response to getting pushed can either set up your attacker to get another hit or make it very hard for them to keep attacking. Know this and teach you kids too. #selfdefence #selfdefense #martialarts #bullying #schoolbullying #attack #boxing #mma #bjj #streetfight #kevingoat #selfdefensewithkevingoat #breakfall

4 Simple Self-Defense Techniques Everyone Should Know (100% Effective)

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三宅由佳莉 「レジェンド」東京音楽隊 Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force  #Shorts

編集後記  何といってもレジェンドの三宅さんです。日本中が感動した歌姫の登場。 海上自衛隊の制服が白と黒なのは、喪服の色だそうです。いつでも死ねる命がけの制服。さすが、無敵海上自衛隊。   なお、もし動画やチャンネルを気に入られた場合は、画面下の「Thanks」ボタンで投げ銭が可能となりました。 再生リストリンク 「美しすぎる歌姫 鶫真衣」… 「陸自中部方面音楽隊」… 「海自の歌姫 中川麻梨子」… 「航空中央音楽隊」… 「陸自東部方面音楽隊」… 「海自横須賀音楽隊」… 「空自の歌姫 森田早貴」… 「陸自中央音楽隊」… 「米国空軍太平洋音楽隊」… 「米国海軍第7艦隊音楽隊」… 「たそがれコンサート」… 「警視庁音楽隊」… 「東京消防庁音楽隊」… 「中部航空音楽隊」… 「在日米軍音楽隊」… 「陸自第13音楽隊」… 「陸自第一音楽隊」… 「音楽隊共演シリーズ」… 「大阪府警音楽隊」… 「大阪市音楽団」… 「音楽隊パレード」… サブチャンネル「定年後TV」再生リスト 「二拠点生活」… 「STIHL MS500i 製材 山遊び」…

DO WHAT WORKS – Self Defense Techniques

DO WHAT WORKS 👊 Self Defense Techniqes 🙏 Professor David James Contact Us Here: [email protected] Our Online University: Our Facebook Channel: Our Instagram Channel:

Li Rye feat KFN Spec-SELF DEFENSE (Official Music Video)

18 Basic self-defense techniques martial arts instructions

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Self-Defense Class for Women

Self-Defense Class for Women For more Local News from WHNS: For more YouTube Content:

3 Deadly defend you need to Know for Self defense

3 Deadly defend you need to Know for Self-defense Hi, everyone. Master Wong here. In this action-packed video, I’m going to share with you three deadly self-defense techniques that you absolutely need to know. Your safety is of utmost importance, and being equipped with these powerful defense moves can make all the difference in critical situations. So, get ready to become a force to be reckoned with as you master the art of self-defense! 1. Hook Punch Defense: One of the most common street attacks is the hook punch. I will show you how to effectively defend yourself against this dangerous strike. By understanding the proper footwork, angles, and counterattack, you’ll be able to neutralize the hook punch with confidence and skill. 2. Body Lock Defense: The body lock is a grappling technique often used in street confrontations. I’ll teach you how to escape and counter the body lock, taking control of the situation and turning the tables on your attacker. With these techniques in your arsenal, you’ll feel more secure and in command during close encounters. 3. Rear-Naked Choke Defense: The rear naked choke is a life-threatening situation that requires immediate action. I’ll guide you through the steps to defend against this chokehold effectively. By learning to protect your neck and counteract the attacker’s moves, you’ll be able to stay safe and gain the upper hand. Now, here’s my call to action for you: If you found these self-defense techniques helpful, make sure to hit that “Like” button, subscribe to my channel, and share this video with your friends and family. Join our exclusive Inner Circle, where you’ll gain access to premier training tips, early content releases, and special discounts on seminars, retreats, and products. I encourage you to leave a comment below, sharing your thoughts and experiences with self-defense. If you have any questions or need further guidance, don’t hesitate to ask. Our dedicated team is here to assist you promptly and ensure you feel empowered in your journey to self-defense mastery. Social Media Links: Follow me on social media for more martial arts inspiration: * Facebook: * Website: * Instagram: * Twitter: * Train hard. Live clean; don’t let anyone bully you! Master Wong. #SelfDefenseTechniques #MasterWong #MartialArtsSkills #SafetyTips #StreetDefense #PersonalSafety

Self Defense for Kids

Tracie from Play It Safe is here to talk about how your kids can stay safe while heading back to school. Follow FOX 5 San Diego: