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Only A Few Choices For Woman Targeted By Serial Armed Robbers

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@DanCantStandYA says:

if she defended herself, they would have found her and imprisoned her. Stay out of gun free zones folks!

@np1000 says:

Great job Chicago making it impossible to get a CCW

@jimmeyers8960 says:

At some point an unfair stereotype becomes a useful heuristic.

@boxjellyfish9819 says:

Typical behavior

@Bojangles6 says:

Easy for the wolf when they know the shepherd doesnt allow the sheep to have teeth.

@jeffreyrichards9225 says:

Some of the toughest gun laws in the country, stopping lawful gun owners from being able to protect themselves from those that don't care about the law.

@thefedup9921 says:

It wouldn't of matter where she walked she wouldn't have had any other option than the ones she already had. She had no choice, because she's a victim either way.

@ronaldsherbaum899 says:

Chicago = Shithole

@johnnyamerica4336 says:

Let Chicago enjoy their trash.

@jakedcrane8019 says:

Another red flag there too, those thieves stopped their car for excessively long time near that intersection, blocked the pedestrian lane. There was no other traffic going on the road at that moment, it was empty road excluding the parked cars. Good drivers generally dont purposely block the pedestrian lane near intersections.

@nationalinterest1 says:

Oh the joys of a Democrat run City.

@JacobSanders-zc7sq says:

Look, it's not white people.

@silvermountainman2562 says:

My Mom carries a large purse everywhere. I’m trying to get her to only put things in it she won’t miss very much, and have a different plan for the stuff she doesn’t want taken … 🤷🏻‍♂️

@jeffwhite-ri5th says:

Were they all white victims like in the UK

@humbertocobian4740 says:

It's called pattern recognition…..

@webofdeciet1 says:

Chiraq politicians won't punish these criminals, they need their votes to keep the city and county a cesspool…but you get what you vote for…

@MattyBlades says:

They must be getting really desperate for videos….This was pretty boring.

@gabrieloak9852 says:

The FBI crime stats disagree with you, Sir.

@gwaeron8630 says:

I really wish ASP would mention having your phone locked down as much as possible, so if it gets snatched it isn't life changing. Banking app requires password/bio metrics, 2FA doesn't show on lock screen (messages), having your home/work computer the only one that is trusted when physically plugging it in.

@fatevans1015 says:

I wish i could speak on these chicago situations with you 💯. It's happening to often lately.

@miguelangelelbuho1211 says:

Chicago PD doesn't give a fuck about the crime. They want to keep it there. So that the surrounding wealthy suburbs keep their property values. That's where all the politicians from Chicago and some cops live🤣 it's called Redlining! If this was going on in a wealthy Suburb near the politicians. The FBI, CIA, and every government agency would find these guys the next day. But since it's in Shitcago they don't care.

@fatevans1015 says:


@user-yz9yx5yh6e says:

As a black man I don't see many whites doing flash mobs,gun fights ,murders throughout the city of chicago so call a spade a spade myguy

@RodCornholio says:

I’ll keep a lookout just in case petite Southeast Asian females start BEHAVING this way.

@Krobear says:

Chicago, enough said

@cornydad says:

When rhe car didn't keep xreeping out looking to pull into the road, i would have acted like i needed to cross the road to get to where i wanted to go in oder to crate space.

@davidlthomas7568 says:

Vehicle is stopped with no one coming, avoid no matter what color.

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