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Irony: Oakland Crime Prevention Chief Targeted By Armed Robbers

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@MrZedmoor says:

lol violence prevention. I'm sure that's a way to permanently fund a $250k government employee who wont make a dent in crime stats.

@vesubioromo9425 says:

Jay Leno wrote this one.

@anaphylastiks says:

As someone who lives in a country where firearms are not normality for anyone but hunters and gang members, the whole idea of having to shoot someone (because they threaten me with deadly force) is something I'm glad I don't have to worry about daily.
It's different than the military or etc, because in those situations one can lay the conscience on the higher rank if needed (not that it helps much after the fact) and the job is the job. For any officers that read the comment section, you have my absolute respect, because those decisions are hard to make.
God bless you all, don't give up.

@RB-bd5tz says:

Oakland needs to hire a bunch of Brazilian off-duty police officers.

@RB-bd5tz says:

What the hell is a "Chief of Violence Prevention"? Might he be in charge of arresting people before they offend someone on the internet?

@ChubbyLubby says:

Thumbnails on this channel are terrible.

@dangleeballs2576 says:

Oakland is completely the no1 shithole in America and this video proves it

@weeyee60 says:

COVP…What a joke! Only in California …😣

@RevP369 says:

Same thing happened in Oakland ‘22. News crew were filming, got hit, the armed security guard got killed. Kevin Nishita, RIP. 3 were charged

@OG_Rider says:

Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians

@Alex.8081 says:

Is Oakland and you Can't Fix Stupid in California..!!!

@garycallihan4206 says:

I reside 25 miles to the east, work 5 days a week at my 71 years, and have no need for the regressive policies of the gel-headed, seditious, state governor and his corrupt cohorts in crime.

@vatic941 says:

😂😂😂 Reality is a better writer than fiction.

@b00m_operat0r says:

I mean it’s really poetic, isn’t it?

@clints7834 says:

you clearly need to look up the word Schadenfreude. The chief of violence prevention being robbed is ironic but it's miles away from anything close to Schadenfreude.

@robertbrooks4413 says:

Best of the year!😆😅🤣😂🤡🤡🤣😂🤣😅

@Glastoki says:

Look at that lion's mane!!

@davidperez5089 says:

What kind of gay arse liberal shite is this?! What a JOKE!!!!

@Shrekcanfly says:

Oakland is a free for all 😂

@konstruct11 says:

Moronically comically stupid, if not for the sheer luck of a competent armed, security guard they’d be dead or definitely robbed

@junked5214 says:

Crime was WAY higher in the 90s than it is today. I hate that people don't seem to understand this. In 1991, the United States had a reported violent crime rate of 758.2 crimes per 100,000 people, which was the highest rate ever recorded. In 2022 it was 380.7, and 2023 was even lower. There didn't used to be a camera on every front door, every corner, in everyone's pocket, and cops didn't wear badge cams, so catching a criminal act on camera was rare, and the stuff that was caught on camera wasn't easily shared to everyone across the internet like it is today. But violent crime was double what it is today.

@deltatango5765 says:

I don't know how you can even tell what's going on with that pathetic potato they call a camera. My $150 home security camera is at least 1000 times better. Why don't these idiots upgrade their cameras? The one they have is absolutely useless.

That aside, armed security guards who don't even use their weapons after they finally wake up, when everyone around them is clearly in danger of dying. California is such a sh!thole. You couldn't pay me enough to live there.

@ImaNPCman says:

Just wanted to say thank you to this channel. These lessons have served me well in real life senarios.

@Patman408 says:

I grew up in Oakland from the 60's to the 90's. Oakland had a pretty bad rap but if you knew where not to go! you were usually safe. Don't know about now though glad I'm not there.

@stephenLarson-vs7fu says:

When I lived in Rivera, Uruguay, the only traffic fatality one year was when the traffic safety truck ran over a pedestrian. They were just as useless as the LEO and guard in this video.

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