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Learn to Trust Your Instincts – Self Defense Tips

Top 5 Dirtiest Self-Defense Fighting Tricks: ► A very important part of self-defense is to trust your instincts. Unfortunately, way too many people make the mistake of not paying attention to their instincts. These people are mostly the crime victims that we find in the police statistics reports from all around the world. If someone is following you and you feel something is wrong, that is your instincts telling you that something is “just not right”. It’s important when you feel this way that you take action immediately by assessing the situation and doing what it is necessary to protect yourself or your loved ones. Awareness is a HUGE part of self defense and you should learn more about it. Another important part of self-defense, is when someone is threatening you verbally… You need to take the threat coming at you seriously and learn how to react properly for each different type of aggressive situations. We hope that you find these tips useful. Thanks for watching and stay safe. Learn Self-Defense (15 instructional videos): ► Share “Learn to Trust Your Instincts – Self-Defense Tips” Awareness and Avoidance ► Verbal Defense ► Boxing MMA Punching Mitts ► Self Defense Playlist: Stay safe, Nick Drossos and Patrick V Code Red Defense™ ► #selfdefense #selfdefensetechniques #selfdefensetips


James Lin says:

Thanks Nick

Tafaro Khan says:

Thank u very much

Michael Hinck says:

Totally true!
Excellent advice!

Clarence Baluca - Secret Self Defense says:

Your instincts were honed over millions of years – reflexes and urges perfected by four billion years of evolution, by your ancestors who can in different shapes, who fought opponents of different sizes. They're waaay more tested than any martial art – why ignore them?

Not saying martial arts are useless – just, practice it in a way that harnesses your survival instincts, instead of blocks it.

Siddhartha RC says:

Thanks. I have low confidence and get intimidated easily. I will try to listen to my instincts.

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