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IM Buyers Club Intro 1

IM Buyers Club Intro still open for Founding members with special benefits. Transcript: This is Matt. Matt wants to make business online. And he needs to find the right tools. But there are tons of digital tools out there. With new online tools launched every day. Matt has no time to evaluate all new marketing tools. To evaluate each new tool, someone like matt has to be online every day at least 5 hours! In that time Matt will get an information overdose trying to find the best digital tools. Matt just wants help to … find the best digital tools. And… Matt wants to spend less money… but still have the tools needed to make money. So Matt needed a way to save time and money. And joined I M buyers club. This is I M buyers club. Get more, spend less. You get a wide choice of site builders. Many tools for seo and local business marketing. You’ll get tools for … Viral marketing. Video marketing. Advertizing. Google. Facebook. Twitter. Youtube. Linkedin. Video creation tools. So you can introduce your product. 4 new online marketing tools are added to the club every week. Each tool costing at least , bought separately. That’s 16 new digital tools every month, with a total minumum value of 2/m. But you pay only /m as a founding member. Now that Matt has happily joined us.. ..we hope to see you too … inside im buyers club. get more spend less. there are also some free tools even if you don’t join right now.


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