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Nighttime Encounter Teaches a Lot about Handheld Lights | Active Self Protection

This is the second encounter from Pasadena, Texas we’ve had on the channel in 3 weeks. Both involved having something in the support hand, in this case a handheld light. This is a nighttime encounter that teaches us a lot about the necessity of training for low light encounters with both handhelds and pistol mounted lights.

If you want to train and get better at real life self-defense, join us on the ASP Extra channel to learn how to respond like this nighttime encounter teaching self-defenders an awful lot about handheld light use in defensive encounters!



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parabellum 320 says:

Thyrm switchback & weapon light usage works wonders.

walterplyons says:

Attention: John, I love you, Brother, I follow Christ and Sub your channel. I've seen more than 100 of your videos. This is the first time I ever respectfully disagreed with you. I train on the range and dry fire around my home. If I walk the perimeter of my very small property I get many total dark spots. My home defence revolver is cased with a flashlight. I practice walking my property, seeing a treat and dryfiring shots on target basically one-handed, because this light is not mounted. If I see a treat and fire two, like this officer. I WILL keep my flashlight in my hand to further access if that target has neutralized or do I need a headshot. Then flashlight to access for other threats like his possible partner, OR a family member or neighbor that came to check the noise. My neighborhood has had break-ins that commonly show 2-3 Perps. I'M SORRY, JOHN, I'M NOT GOING TO DROP MY SOURCE OF LIGHT ON THE GROUND AND MISS THE 2ND THREAT OR SHOOT AT A FAMILY MEMBER. That's why I practice at the range one handed and two. Thank you. God Bless. Please respond.

sky high says:

Why shoot a guy just carrying a gun? I’m not with the cop on this one.

Ryan Lukachko says:

It takes bullets

Ryan Lukachko says:

This is called SWATTING someone

Bryan Hale says:

horrible marksman ship

Christopher Walch says:

Good for that cop well done. Even if it ‘s a bee bee gun to bad for bad guy shouldn’t walk around with it. Not cops fault if it’s not real. Fence screwed up cop lucky for stupid perp

JH Fowler says:

Light mounted gun? WTH!

Reza Nahafis says:

Two Guns.?????
Billy The Kid.???

truckcop1 says:

Must disagree slightly regarding dropping the flashlight. Anything else, yes. Flashlight, no. More training for shooting with a flashlight would be my call here, even with a weapon mounted light. A number of good techniques. My preferred is Ayoob but others work as long as you train to do it. Even training basic one-hand shooting with a flashlight in the support hand would be preferable, IMO, to dropping the hand-held. As usual, a great video with lots to think about.

Mike Yerke says:

American proverb; Never bring a pellet gun to a gunfight. 🇺🇸

Sloan says:

Hang on, did anyone hear, drop your gun? Did the suspect point the "gun" at the officer? Not that we can see or hear in the video. So now Police just shoot on site? What if that was not the guy in question and just some guy our killing rats or other pests with a BB gun? Where is the line drawn?

bail song says:

Now if in an actual self defense shooting there was video of us shooting at a fleeing "attacker" we would face severe scrutiny or worse. Gotta love that badge.

Al Hodge says:

drop the flashlight??? you are kidding??? how about learning to shoot with a handheld light??

Brian Edwards says:

that is old school, that officer should get a streamlight rail mounted light and laser, I have a TLR 2 and love it

Norin Ali says:

Justivefied deadly forced

Frank Kush says:

Officer should have a light mounted on his pistol.

GinoHeadOfState079 Corelone says:

Would it have been more effective to place his firing arm over top of his flaslight arm for some stability and light

INTERNET MEDIA by George Near says:

The Officer does have a light mounted to his weapon.

Adam Bein says:

'Photonic barrier'? I call it a 'fence', but that's just me.

LeetnessGaming says:

Thank you for growing the beard back John.

jorge rodi says:


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