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ZAHAL – FAB Defense Gotcha Less-Lethal Self-Defense Tool

Shipping to good guys worldwide: The ‘GOTCHA’ is the first of the FAB Defense-“HANOVE…


barrettdesigns says:

That hat is a total fail, what if you fall or get hit in the face? That
thing would stab the wearer in the forehead.

A G.K says:

i prefer the fizzy bubbly for self defense

Adam Griffis says:

45 seconds before we get to any content.

Lawrence Glazer says:

poor watermelon! excellent video…sharp picture too.

Double Tapper says:

ZAHAL – FAB Defense Gotcha Less-Lethal Self-Defense Tool

Get one for yourself at 

Tzalaf5731 says:

Yep, That Gotcha Is A Real “Melon Splitter “! Chazak!!!

iamfondoftmnt says:

I’m glad i have some watermelon to seal my thirst !

1jilu says:

Cantaloupe don’t fight back. 😉

Gun Nuts says:


TreeBeard Records says:

I’ve got my eye on both of these for my wishlist now! Super awesome!

Julius LoBianco says:


Chargevandro says:

Good, but watermelon doesnt fight back. (Bolo)

freddy p says:

2:55 thats what she said

kaygeeboi says:

What did the watermelon ever done to you?

Remember My Hug says:

the glass breaker aka skull smasher.

robin6512 says:

got the cap :). like it a lot

MrProIsrael says:

יש לך את העבודה הכי כיפית בעולם חח

Jor Minale says:

I will use this to scalp hamas & hisbullah heads .Nice tool .

henrycems says:

Very nice love both of them.

shramj says:

FAB makes some killer stuff!

Double Tapper says:

He made me hungry!

LukasBukai says:

NICE! a pozdrav zo Slovenska !! 😉 

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