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Absolute Insanity At A Texas Convenience Store

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Active Self Protection says:

MORE INFO: The DA went with aggravated assault instead of attempted murder because of the difference in sentencing. Agg assault carries a 3-99 year sentencing, while attempted murder carries a 2-20 year window. So the DA chose agg assault to get this guy off the streets forever, especially given his past. Now, I think maybe they need to change those sentencing discrepancies, but it makes sense given what they are why the DA chose what they did.

Joel Robledo says:

Shoud hang this fucker

Overdrive Music says:

Kill the fucker

Bill Jonz says:

He should be burnt alive, give him plenty of adrenaline and an Iv for afterwards. Put him out them relight his up…

Darth Quaalude says:

aggravated assault seems like a joke. Tried to burn 2 people alive… wtf

FullArmourTracksuit says:

Just kill the cunt. It’s immoral to keep him alive at taxpayer expense.

aaron042671 says:

In Canada, he would get 4 months in provincial jail, and a medal upon his release. Kidding, the medal is a joke but really, a shit sentence.

Mike Darren says:

Holding my breath waiting for John to call this a hate crime….aaaaannnnndddd…of course not.

Reefs 2 Morphs hunt says:

Same thing just happened to my friend in Buffalo NY her ex came to her work and lite her on fire and pushed her in a dumpster. They both suffered burns from it. Hers much worse she spent I think 6 months or so in the burn unit. Story was all over the news here.

Ron Foster II says:

Piece of sh*t deserves a 44 to the forehead. Not 3 life sentences.

td li says:

I hope this POS gets his in the joint.

SaltyBro says:

We had 2 guys near my home rob a store this time last year. They tied the clerk to a chair, and set the building on fire. The whole county wanted the criminals heads, dont know if they got caught. Also note they pretended to be employees for an hour.

Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop) says:

We should prevent him from causing more harm but i dont think he deserve death penalty. I think people who try to cause physical harm like the guy in the video have psychological problems that started in childhood. Perhaps family issues and strangers were never nice to him. I know from personal experience that when i do something people dont like, some people would be mean and even try to cause psychological problems as punishment. Some times they want to cause permanent punishment if they can like ending a relationship in a hateful way. If someone experience negative behavior from other all his or her life it can led to depression and the individual would act how he or she thinks others would act. In short, some people do bad because people were bad to him or her. There is a kind of psychological game going on here. A bad person cant solve his problems so he wants others to solve his problem. The solution to preventing people in society to turning into criminals and preventing negative behavior affecting you is compassion. Not hating others and forgiving so things dont escalate and dont leave a relationship in a bad note. It is a win win situation for everyone but sometimes people dont want that for others. Another way on seeing this issue is seeing how people want a sense of being part of a group kinda like wolfs. We are wired to be in a group. Hope i kinda made people understand my opinion on this issue.

Moto Rider says:

Dang, hope this dude takes the jail floor temperature challenge.

TigTk421 says:

Not attempt murder?

Vee Cee says:

When he says his name I hear Gonorrhoea lol

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