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Woman Targeted For Cash Withdrawal by Violent Robber in Houston

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John Whitlock says:

Ol John I used to watch your videos daily subscribed to your channel and all, but you took the $ road and now all you post here is weak water’ed down videos , your making the police activity channel shine ✨ pa

Paul B says:

It is becoming like South Africa

jakedcrane801 says:

If cars had mandatory dual mirrors on both sides(left and right) with one being regular mirror and second wide angle mirror(similar to Clear zone or Hercules auxiliary mirror) . Car owners and passengers more often would even unintentionally look at mirrors, see the criminals around them. Probably even this woman would have seen follower sooner before she was robbed.

Claymore Jackson says:

The odds of this happening to you are so small. Don’t live paranoid folks.


I dont go anywhere unless im prepared for battle ! This was a very primal thinking scumbag but there are much worse threats out there folks much much worse be prepared and stay healthy stay ready!!!

Tyler Gattinger says:

I know I'm not immune to things like this, but that's why I live in a good area with little to no crime. Ya, it costs more, and I may have to drive to go downtown. But it's worth it to me 🤷‍♂️

Mike Dinni says:

Only in America 😂😂

Just Saying says:

So best not use case? I'm not buying it. Seems like some ruse to bump up public demand/acceptance of cashless society and central control.
"Don't do that!" Typical sort of response? – not. HELP HELP is the usual response in your own neighbourhood accompanied with fitful adrenaline-fuelled anger.

Dan H says:

People need to be aware when using ATM machines and if they're being followed.

Pirate MTB says:

She went to the hospital for that? The misuse of emergency services resources is a big problem in this country

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