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Woman Gives In To Purse Thief

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Rage Fury says:

Also goes to show that thieves don't back out of an opportunity to get some quick cash, even in poor weather conditions. Never underestimate how far a criminal is willing to go to commit crimes.

ibrahim lagrier says:

Not saying that she had them in but this is the main reason I never wear both headphones while I’m out…always need to hear and see my surroundings regardless of where I’m at or the time of day.

MrChowhua says:

Millennial men who also carry purse should watch out for these purse snatchers as well. Also purse snatchers target women for their expensive purses like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Purse alone cost 3k to 5k.

Desert Dweller says:

Gee, I wonder what the skin color of the cowardly, despicable, low-life, scumbag who attacked this lady is? Actually, it is certain to be the same color as the black heart and character of those who have total and complete disregard for anyone but themselves.

Karly Pearl says:

GASP !!!!! This is… omg this is terrifying. She was holding on?!!!
I was thinking she must have been stuck! Why would you allow yourself to be dragged like that? I'm bewildered. Thank God she's ok.

Voice Of Alberta says:

I can't put into words my fear and sorrow for the lady and my anger and "SHEEPDOG" for the criminals.

Royal Gold Family says:

This is why I tell my wife not to carry a purse. If see had a gun he got that too

DaKineBradA says:

Heartbreaking is she ok? Any news

Joseph Saeteurn says:

its human instinct to wrap the lease around the hand or arm and sometimes its not because they dont want to let go of the belonging but rather they can't.

pious says:

Bobby's voice*
That's my purse!! I don't know you!!

David C says:

This is just like the other one on this channel where she also got dragged, and same thing, he shut the door, took off, but it ran her over and killed her.

Joe Shmoe says:

Attempted murder? Catch them and send them to the gallows. Sorry, I'm old school and want society to get the justice it deserves.

Music Is Life says:

The stolen car wasn't enough you needed a man purse too?

Claude Herbert says:

"Woman 'Eventually' Gives In To Purse Thief" is a more accurate title for the video.
Her head could've easily been crushed like a melon.

Dale B says:

They need to start executing these thugs, publicly if that is what it takes, many have no fear of prison and until criminals are afraid of consequences the level of violence will continue to rise.

UrbanTree Steve says:

Great video, short and to the points. Thank you. Filthy bastards! All hands on deck as the demons spawn…

Daily Red Pill says:

Be aware of your surroundings day or night!
Here are three (3) reliable websites to share.

Broadcastify | Listen Live to Police, Fire, EMS, Aviation, and Rail Audio Feeds

Map | Global Incident Map.

Map |

Mike Simpson says:

Somali gangsare running rampant in Minnesota

Dave A says:

These filthy vermin face no consequences even if they are caught. They have no fear of the police. It seems they enjoy a short stint in jail as it gives them street cred.

Austin L. says:

I don't know what to say about these coward animals. Lock them up………Until they're old, Then slam their heads against a car and drag them across the parking lot……

Belle Vi says:

This is exactly why I use a cross body satchel and encourage my kids to do the same. Even for guys who carry a satchel.

Chris Renteria says:

Not to be racist but the only people who do this kind of shit are black folks

Sopita Ramen con Apio says:

I think a lone women is already an easy target for must thugs to begin with. Then again I’m not sure if it would make a difference with a lone man with no training. Maybe never go shopping alone? Thoughts anybody?

Mark Taylor says:

Criminals do not think like regular people! They don't care about other people. They don't care about me, my wife, my daughter or any of my loved ones. Violent criminals are just flat out evil.

Mike Carrillo says:

Typical. Instead of working commit crime. Harsher punishment will deter crime. Simple.

Joshua Guss says:

Didn't you show us this already (About a month ago)!?

13c11a says:

I haven't carried a purse for 30 years for just this reason. Woman carry a hundred things that they don't need. Keys in pocket, some cash, driver's license and one credit card in other pocket. Ready to go.

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