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Wing Chun escape front grab attacks | self-defence

Wing Chun escape front grab attacks | self-defence GET A FREE COURSE. HERE Wing Chun is an effective and efficient martial art system. It doesn’t require a lot of strength or movement to be effective. In addition, it is based on the economy of motion and angle placement. As part of this program, you will learn the basic form, Siu Lim Tao, in which you will practice your stance, structure, and basic blocks, strikes, kick, and attacks. Having the right mindset and discipline is key to being combat-effective; you must have the right attitude and focus. A training manual is provided in this program to help you track your progress towards reaching your goals. This program is convenient because it is available online. Access to the course is open 24/7, from anywhere. In addition, students can get the training they desire from the comfort of their own homes with Master Wong’s program. If you enjoy Master Wong’s YouTube videos, you can start training with him immediately! Are you interested in learning Wing Chun for fitness and self-defense? With over 35 years of experience, Master Wong is the right teacher for you. The best thing about this course is that it allows you to train at your own pace. Each week, we focus on eight CORE elements. ✅ The hand ✅ The knees ✅ The fitness ✅ The kick ✅ The elbow ✅ The punch ✅ Exercises for the legs ✅ Drill to prepare you for combat Would you like to learn Wing Chun for fitness and self-defense? Master Wong is an experienced instructor with more than 35 years of practical knowledge. Are you ready to start? Yes, I was born ready! Now let’s get started!  The 50% off offer is valid NOW only. Click here for more information. GET A FREE COURSE. HERE Have a beautiful day! Master Wong Out!! PS. If you’re not yet ready to begin your Wing Chun, Tai Chi, or self-defense journey, you can watch and learn from my YouTube channel.


Stephen Shapiro says:

That is one awesome pin on the ground! When you do the butterfly ear clap slightly cup your palms with finger together (willow palms) and the air compression will break the attacker's eardrums. I am told this is extremely painful. Then the palm heels clap the temples. Then the mastoids. These are just a few optional goodies to squeeze in during the Masters's overall technique as shown. I like sharing. Thanks. Respects. Peace.

george todd says:

Nice street level defense. In a sport style that's illegal. Thank you Master Wong. I forgot about that aspect

Hal Verde says:

This is where most students of any discipline wash out.
They just cannot bring themselves to deliberately injuring another person even if that person is trying to kill them.
To this type of student, being morally superior is more important than remaining alive.
Millions before went that way and became dead meat.

Lisa Whited says:

I always LOVE 💞 your video's 😎 Thank you so much!!

sagerconqueso says:

What happened to the sprawl?

Carl Azurin says:


Robert Jenkins says:

Thank you master for the lesson. I would love for you to come to our Wing chun school to give us lessons and your experiences. My sifu would love that too if your ever in the USA. I bow to you master Wong.🙏❤️

Emerson Pacheco says:

Valeu amigo da hora

Stephen Orona says:

Great against the grapplers.

Sandra Jessica says:

People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in crypto as it's retracing…BE WISE

Stephen Tromans says:

Love it 😊 no bullshit great technique

Fabyosc Alvarez says:

Good morning my handsome man 😘 thanks for the video it's a good one you're the best of the world , take care and God bless you ❤❤❤❤❤

Marvellous Subconscious says:

Good video, please make a video of how ti escape the dragón sleeper

X VSJ says:

Thank you for sharing these techniques “Master Wong“✌️💛❤️

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