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‘UN charter clear: strikes allowed in self-defense or with UNSC authority’ – ex-UK envoy to Libya

The UK’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, has been forced to justify her controversial decision to join the US and France in striking Syria without seeking the approval of MPs. The intervention against Assad’s government has led to a lengthy and impassioned discussion in parliament. Oliver Miles, the former UK Ambassador to Libya, on UK strikes on Syria.

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Jimmi Jones says:

A ploy to make redundant the UNSC and in turn the U.N. as a whole. The view of the US is do as I say not as I do or we will hurt you like you have never been hurt before….you should be ashamed very ashamed

Dietmar Bitterlich says:

UK, France and US are all war criminals.

Ferdous Ahmed says:

This is exactly why Nk wants to gain nuclear capability. Nuclear deterrence is the only way to keep the warmongering bloodthirsty imperialist groups such as US, UK, and France away from aggression. There will never be peace in this world as long as US hegemony exist and they don't stop licking their Jewish masters.

Bow Bot says:

The UK and US have caused 50 plus wars in the east and middle east in their lust for blood they have killed millions in proxy wars and will not stop until they are stopped Every politician involved in these wars should be charged with war crimes and locked up, but we know that won't happen so bring on the war.

Painted Pony says:

Where are the guests on RT who are under 70 years old?

xo_silentrealm_xo says:

Well they didn't have UNSC authority so that leaves "in self defense". How do they justify self defense? Syria is fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda, so does that mean she is admitting the UK supplied the terrorists?

Ralph P. says:

I thought the UN went bankrupt a long time ago. I want a refund on tax money allotted to this organization "retroactively".

ivo mijnnaam says:

Be ready criminals the moment we find you we shall HANG YOU publically !!!!!!!!!!!! we are coming for you criminals…. that inclusdes you MAY and Blair you are STILLLLL a criminal we hang you for somehting else no worries we will find you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blackflag mcc says:

What about usa using white phosphorus on the Iraqi's or Israel look at what theyre doing…you english plum in the mouth toffy nosed paedophiles are the lowest of the low and the very sight of you makes me sick to my bones….disgusting people at best.

Roman de Caesar says:

The sufferings of the Syrian people is simply because of Al-Qaeda / ISIS, and the reason why these terrorist organizations exists is because they were created by the Deep State.

ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia says:

The biggest humanitarian disaster is in Yemen.

Man-Pause says:

France need only one Samart 28 rocket to turn it in to brown land and zombie nation.

Shawney Ey says:

Have these countries that didn't abide by the UN charters ever been sanctioned or punished severely? Never. All talks no actions. These illegal wars carried out by those arrogant nations since Iraq have never been seriously punished by the UN. That is why history always repeat itself. UN IS A JOKE. The theatre of dramas for the disdain and manipulative nations. When push come to shove, honesty and humanity always lose in favour of warmongers.

Solder Joe says:

We may not have proof as needed in court that this attack was at the hand of the Syrian government but we do have overwhelming evidence that would pass any court in any land that the two previous attacks were orchestrated by the fighters the US UK Saudis and Israel fund support and train. Not the Syrian State.

AntiMessiah says:

The humanitarian crisis is much more worse in #Palestine

Why don't we bomb #Israel and take out their chemical and nuclear arsenal ???

YouTube User says:

See us, UK, France tomahawk get SHOT out of the sky easily over Syria by Russia's tech on 13th April assault

felix mendez says:

"Philip May, husband of the UK prime minister, works for a company that is the largest shareholder in arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, whose share price has soared since the recent airstrikes in Syria…..The company, Capital Group, is also the second-largest shareholder in Lockheed Martin – a US military arms firm that supplies weapons systems, aircraft and logistical support. Its shares have also rocketed since the missile strikes last week.

The fact has not gone unnoticed by some on Twitter, who agree that BAE Systems has done very well out of the UK-US-France allied airstrikes on Syria, which were sanctioned by Theresa May"

UK PM’s husband’s Capital Group is largest shareholder in BAE, shares soar since Syrian airstrikes

Well, all you need is to put two and two together.

LOWE sonia says:


suzieq0452 says:

The Fucking IDIOTS of RT Fan Club,Never take with a Grain of SALT these SPINNERS that RT puts in Front of the Cameras.

They Haul Out the BRIT,who got His Position in LIBYA after the JEW'S Three Amigos and there Keystone Kops DESTROY It and Murder Libya's LEADER.

The Old Brit bastard sits on the Fence with a Picket up His Arse and SPINS,SPINS,SPINS.

Nothing NOTHING on RT to CONDEMN their Soviet Savage JEWS in IsraHELL doing another Bomb Run on Syria.

You IDIOTS Refuse to SEE that RUSSIA is PART of the GREATER IsraHELL PLAN.

Russia who will Apply the Necessary PRESSURE where NEEDED on their 'ALLIES' whenever their 'Western PARTNERS' Request.

Wouldn't Sell Syria the S-300 because IsraHELL and the JEWSA didn't Want the Fucking Russians to SELL Them. Holds Back the PAID IN FULL Equipment for the OLD S-300 to PRESSURE Iran to ACCEPT the Fucking Nuke Agreement,Still Don't Get all they Paid the Russian JEWS to Supply.

Russia has NO Problem Selling the S-400 to IsraHELL'S 'ALLIES" in the Region like Turkey and KSA who ARM and SUPPLY the TERRORISTS that have Destroyed Syria. Now Russia PRESSURING Syria to ACCEPT fucking Turkey who has Robbed ALL the Factory Equipment from Aleppo to Now help 'Rebuild' what they Destroyed.

Turkey will Sell back the Stolen GOODS at BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES.

Putin Stays as SILENT as the S-400 when his RELATIVES in IsraHELL what a 'Little FUN" bombing the Shit Out of Syria,than tell Syria to "STAY CALM,LET EM BOMB"

BILLIONS Putin made selling the S-400s to the Bastards that have for 7 years Caused the Fucking Suffering and Slaughter in Syria.

Russia gets to Show off It WARS TOYS and TEST BOMBS in Syria,But Don't Ask them to Do ANY of the HEAVY LIFTING,JEWS don't do Hard Work,they have Us GOYS to do It.

Iran,SAA and Hezbollah are Russian JEW GOYS.

M Ch says:

"… strikes allowed in self-defense…" – does it mean that Syria is now legally allowed to bomb Britain?! WOW! Can't wait, really…

Montyballs says:

bomb a chemical factory to stop chemicals being used???
does the bombs stop the chemicals leaking out?
has the so called humanitarians got special bombs to do this? if not your guilty of chemical warfare (fact)

Troll Hunter says:

But of course the U.S. and vassal;s are above the law as usual.
U.S. should bomb itself, since mattis uses white phosporus in Fallujah very generously a few years ago.

Kayper31 says:

omg. the un is crooked.

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