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Aftermath of attack on truck carrying wounded self-defence fighters that killed 30+

Two Kamaz trucks carrying wounded self-defense sources were shelled by the Ukraine army in Donetsk. Up to 30 people may have been killed. FULL STORY: COURTESY: RT’s…


leon mc pilibin says:

Who agrees that carpe diem is an annoying cheer leader for the zionist war

Carpe Diem says:

I just have to laugh. The pro-Kiev, pro-Western protesters were called
“radicals” and “neo-Nazis” by RT. The anti-Kiev, pro-Russian protesters are
called “self-defense” forces. Biased reporting much? 

JORDY S says:

What’s with all the Russian’s raging over America blaming everything that
happens in the world on them and vice versa? In my eyes both sides are

Kewl3r says:

This truck can fit inside 30 wounded ?
Please ask Kremlin for legit numbers before posting a video for the world
to see !
btw. yesterday RT said 35 killed + 15 wounded showing the same truck = 50
people inside.

RT stop LYING !

fulcrumize says:

This is what happens to terrorists who try to kill civilians in Ukraine!
You will be eliminated if you come to Ukraine to terrorize population.
Russia paid you to do this, money is a temporary pleasure, and ends fast,
so as you! Yanukovich is paying you ? You will be eliminated! There
will be no terrorism in Ukraine, or psychospraratism! 

odzadze123 says:

Fighters from FREEDOM !!!


Micha EL says:

Sure they were “wounded self defense forces” RT ? LMAO just more silly
propaganda bullshit from the RT internet Vloggers!

99X says:

Russian retards will cry and rage. :D

3DGansta says:

NATO NATO NATO and only NATO and its mongers are responsible for all this
but none will never see a jail cell for all this crimes against
Humanity…Fucking world we live in…. 

Rytis Kurcinskas says:


Brian Griffin says:

Putin’s people are dying like dogs and yet he sits in Moscow and does
nothing. If you would like to send a letter asking Putin why he’s allowing
the Russian people to die, his presidential mailing address is below.

23, Ilyinka Street,
Moscow, 103132, Russia.

sedjetra says:

Sad that Obama, Kerry, Rampuy, Ashton, Timoshenko, Cameron, Rockfella and
Co. weren’t on this truck..

Taner Pattinson says:


Juuso Peltoniemi says:

I don’t see any red crosses in that truck, legal target. 

Zoran Ostojic says:

Russia should supply pro-russian forces with surface-to-air and anti-armor

a stupid genius says:

Russian fascists

ligerten says:

Its TIME Russia gave the Freedom Fighters State of the Art weapons to
destroy the Murdering Nazis just like America did in Afghanistan & Syria!!
If they do nothing there will be an ethnic cleansing in the Ukraine by the
Nazi cowards & the US & its puppets will just play it down in their
PROPAGANDA Media! After all The US & Nato Bombed Libya into the Stone age &
no news footage of that Massive Destruction made its way onto the Western
Propaganda News! And that was only to support War Lord Terrorists that even
turned on their Masters Embassy!!

Rytis Kurcinskas says:

This is insane whats the point of havign an army and not protect its people

SirSly420 says:

I’m sorry but I laughed when I saw the police tape . 

Uncle Davey says:

Villi Valtzman Vonka and his Ukra-oompah-loompahs. I’ll never eat that
Roshen crap again. Maybe Roshen chocolates and Heinz sauces can do the
world’s first biological merger as Kerry takes him up the crapper.

FishDontBlinq says:

Hey people of Russia and nearby areas. Pleases don’t listen to the people
saying hate speech here. Most Americans don’t feel this way, we don’t care
who runs that country. It is these special interest groups and elites who
sending bullets. Don’t listen to these people trying to instigate a war,
don’t fall for it and become hostile yourself!

truth1901 says:

Whoever lives by the sword, will die by the sword.

God’s government will soon make sure that such war like people are removed
from this planet.

sharafudin2 says:

what is with this 41 second video not a news.

HowToSPS says:

Come on Putin, Ukraine is an injured deer right now and this attack is the
start of hunting season

Go in for the kill

MrKinzama says:

why the fuck do they kill each other it’s so sad to see people get killed
by stupid people.

Boba Fett says:

cia must have paid for this

shockolanul says:

Next they will bomb hospitals, like their fascist masters from USA did to
the Serb hospitals holding wounded civilians in Belgrade.

Dear USA, the whole world is against you and we will soon act accordingly
and destroy you.
Dear Ukrainian fascists, you’re first on the list.

andrew hernandez says:

Things are starting to go according as planned… 

AmericanRelic2hear says:

The coupes de’tat ‘government’ in Kiev is not legitimate. The people of
Crimea voted and chose to be part of Russia. There should not be fighting
and murders by the ‘democratic’ Ukranian coupe. Surely they wish to see the
people’s vote count! Yeah Crimea! You win! Good for you!!! 🙂 

Frederico Custodio says:

One atrocity after another! Russia must support their descendants, this
violates all international laws! It’s very cowardice!

mijmijrm says:

democracy, US style. If you vote for independence from US control, expect
to be attacked.

Sam Jacksons says:

“Freedom Fighters” hahahaha!

The only difference between these, “Freedom Fighters” and Al-Qaeda is that
Al-Qaeda is predominantly Muslims and supported by US while these “Freedom
Fighters” are Christians and are being supported by Russia.

There is always political gain….Same shit, different toilet. 

LeonShepard says:

Description contradicts the title. Fuck RT

SmithsCrhronicles says:

Those bearing witness of events taking place before the great judgment are
going to have much to say, and those who killed, raped and pillaged do not
know the peril and suffering that awaits them. 

jose batista says:

perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!! job well done by ukraine ! picking off these
mercenarie roaches ! love it !!! Ukraine for Ukraine …love russia MOVE

6happydude3 says:

Well, the axle looks to be in good shape.

Charles Smyth says:

A truckload of Ukrainian fascists acting on behalf of the rogue Donetsk
People’s Republic who, having declared a switch to the law of the Russian
Federation that Russian FM Sergei Lavrov has yet to refute, are thus,
technically, invaders acting on behalf of a revanchist and enemy power.

Donetsk People’s Republic switching over to Russian laws

SoGladUCame says:

WWIII. 3………..2…………1…………..

Karl Slicher says:

It looks like terrorism to me.

Dick Cheney says:

Its a military truck with no red cross.

Leon612 says:

Russian scum.

Mohamed Said says:

R.I.P brave sons of Russia! 

thug sodier says:

kill them and exile every pro russian citizen

Arse Hole says:


Edis isakovic says:

Whole day 0 wounded 0 wounded all of the sudden 35 wounded on top of a army
truck lol RT you are silly. Why is Russia always protecting their people in
other’s countries ? Why do the Russians call everyone Nazis? ARE they
forgetting they allied with Hitler at the beginning of the war. 

Mp5Slave says:

Any good russian is a dead russian !

kallashniKoff says:

Americans, you are morons. Remember the history of your own country. Your
ancestors once rebelled against British dictatorship. Just like now people
of Donbass your grandfathers took weapons and fought for their freedom, and
called the British “occupants”. And the British government called them
“terrorists” and “separatists”. Also your Rebellion was sponsored by the
French, there were many French who fought against British on your side.
Just like Russian volunteers, who fight on the side of the people of
Donbass. So what, why don’t you call your War for freedom French or
pro-French, like you call the rebels – pro-Russian?
Learn your own history, before blaming others, you dickheads

Thomas C says:

Russia should give some SAM’s to the resistants of NovoRossia to shoot the
planes and the helicopters !

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