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Two Armed Robberies Show Strategies For Survival

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@bkb04g says:

2nd guy seemed a little too compliant. Body language was off for guy getting robbed. I’d fire him if I was the owner.

Like the old saying from Casino: “Either you were in on it or you were too dumb to know it was going down. Either way, you gotta go.”

@TheGreatest1974 says:

The 2nd clip- a group of guys come into your shop looking like robbers, acting like robbers- yet he just stood there and gave them everything. Other guys would have drawn FIRST on them.

@Dzzzzdub says:

It pisses me off to see this because in Canada you can't be carrying a handgun ever,totally illegal, i really wish it was legal with a permit of course, not for every joeblows

@mac11380 says:

I carried a fake wallet with a little money in it to toss's in case of a robbery

@willbedford8381 says:

Mehh I know it's for education but not real interested when they get away with the right number of holes.

Anonymous says:

Of course it's Oakland.

@markharrison4116 says:

When will you Americans wake up and realise your society is broken! Your gun laws are a total joke.

@Tbonefour20 says:


@sakuraisp6974 says:


@kgole5 says:

Those five guys you can tell they're going to rob

@agduke3354 says:

Two states that only allow bad guys to have guns…

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