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Taurus Judge Public Defender – Cool Gimmick or Self Defense King?

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Eric K says:

Fuck yea it'll work,..!! Just ask the damn pharmacist in OKC that stopped two dudes robbing him,… just make sure youre on his visitor list,…LMAO

Hunter Flynn says:

My dad keeps one in his vehicle, it's the Taurus judge polymer public defender but still my dad loves that gun.

M4 Carmine says:

The Walking Dead make you get this?

ScoobyDigits says:

Public defender when you need to defend something publicly.

FrozenSquirrel says:

It's a great rattlesnake gun, but that is it.

rafael cortez says:

I'd put one of these in my riding lawnmower.

Shawn Bane says:

My dad and brother have a Taurus judge in a 5" barrel as a hunting handgun. In PA we can only take revolvers in the woods during hunting season. They seem to like it. I found mine to be some what of a Gimmick gun, and sold it not too long after I bought it. You can buy a decent .357 for less than a Judge. It is 6 shot instead of 5

Paul d says:

It’s a gun every bubba should own.

Landoftheignorant says:

Truck gun ie Anti car jacking piece. The only decent thing I could see for it.

Domino52o! says:

That holster scares the shit outta me when i find out somebody uses that kind.
I'll pray for you that you don't shoot yourself bud.
If interested check out "active self protection extra's" video he made recently regarding those kinds of holsters.

Jelsma Outdoors says:

After the mad session with Adam Kokesh i have realized that .410 is the only home defence against non conservatives.

Steve Butters says:

Who else here saw the video of the guy shooting a cop car with a Judge, and the pellets bouncing harmlessly off the windshield?

Ron Walker says:

Got the Poly Judge and the Circuit Judge both (and 9mm & 357 Taurus) and love them all- no problems at all out of any of them– the Judge & 357 are a mite ruff ol Arth (71years old) but I wouldn't trade 'em off fur anything- too for sum commenters on here I prefer a 410 & 20ga in shotguns- BTW real gud honest review on the Judge – it ain't everybody's favorite evidently!! But are sum of mine!!

ComfortablyNumb1969 says:

Straight up gimmick

MrAutochamber says:

I have one of these and load it up with #6 shot, why? Cause me and my son laugh our ass off after putting 5 into a shoot n c target and seeing it full of holes. Would I carry it ? Hell no but I would use it for anti snake or pest gun.

O4 HEMI says:

EXCELLENT EXPLENATION! Purely a range / fun gun this should never be called or considered a self defense tool unless you're knifeless and can't find a sharp stick! nobody protects their house with a 410 why would you carry this severley underpowered and capacity limited boat anchor to protect you and yours outside of the house? And 45lc is and has been dead so I don't want to hear about that extinct round if you're going to defend yourself with a revolver stick with 38spl or 357mag

Duluth Hap- says:

The perfect KITCHEN GUN 😎

Cali Cowboy says:

Last time I was this early she stopped calling me

Green Badger Outdoors says:

Beats harsh language. I personally would not buy one, but hey.. you do you.

Ghost Shadow says:

It works for close up for people that CAN'T AIM.

YakYakker94 says:

Judge is definitely not a gimmick gun and it is by far the best Kayak Fishing critter defense gun on the market.

revolver guy says:

Great night stand gun. I alternate 410 and 45 long Colt. Will ruin someone's day at close range

GunGlutton says:

Taurus with a Serpa now you need a tap out shirt and addiction to monster energy drinks

Mike Campbell says:

My son had one and it worked OK with .410 rounds, but with .45 Colt rounds it shot really high. Some youtubers reported the same thing. Good in snake country with bird shot I guess.

Mr Drew says:

I love my Judge public defender it's just a cool revolver and conversation starter at the range, I recommend going on Amazon and getting the Pachmayr grip for it it's only 20 bucks or so.

I carry my Revolver In single action says:

😫 noooooooooo!!!

galamonkey says:


This is worse then cancer.

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