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An Iraq Vet Tells His Story of Self Defense (let’s help him!) | Active Self Protection Extra

George is a US Army Iraq veteran, and his story of self-defense and thinking of his family is a good one. He also needs our help to get the back surgery he needs because the VA sucks. Can you help him just a bit? or thanks!

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Active Self Protection Extra says:

Alternate donation for those who don't like GoFundMe: PayPal! I will get it to George.

CPR - Craft Pray Repeat says:

I’m glad to see that you talked to a disabled person and his legally carrying a concealed weapon. I know what they always say, you shoot and move. Well the moving part isn’t always an option for everyone. I am in a wheelchair and very proficient with my weapon. My main reason for carrying is to protect my family, not necessarily myself. Shooting from a wheelchair is definitely different from what I learned as a young adult but still doable. I don’t want people to think that because they are disabled that they can’t or shouldn’t carry just because they can’t run or roll on the floor to miss a bullet. Sometimes it’s just not about you. I will be keeping you in my prayers. – God bless, Sherry

Randy Richardson says:

Improvise, adapt, and overcome. A lot of america cant even afford insurance. God will take care of you. Trust in him. He promises to not give us more than we can handle. Get a ruger lcp 2 and two 7 round mags. Light weight, reliable, and capable. I know people with disabilities that cant carry or even shoot for that matter. I think you'll be ok fella. Try being thankful.

toyBandit25 says:

Hello from prison everyone.

Matt H says:

John, your face in the thumbnail had me laughing for 10 minutes at work. LOL

KME says:

Just donated! Thanks to both of you for your service. I hope you find some healing.

Timothy Courtemanche says:

SHTF: Stuff Hits The Fan. LOL
Great interview!

Klaus S says:

… starting …

Klaus S says:

I just visited GO fund me and in staring it I discovered a TIP you have to pay. Tips are normally voluntarily given but not mandatory. Sorry, I will not use such a SERVICE! Get us a PayPal option or something else where the full amount goes to George!

Klaus S says:

I don't believe that the army sends you out to die for your country, it is your order to defend your country and your constitution – on the other hand it sucks totally if they do not care better for you in case of injury etc.
Question: Why are so many people complain about the VA? Are they under founded or not willing to help?

Mongoose Viper says:

Who is the singular cocksucker who dislikes this?

Troy Dodson says:

On the backpack problem, consider a fanny pack, yes they look goofy but it seems like itd work well for him

Daniel W says:

America's wonderful healthcare system

Domino52o! says:

Fuck dude, i wish you the absolute best of luck man

Jacob Evans says:

Why people care so much about our military is beyond me.

Your blind patriotic support goes towards a government that is taking away everything.

IrishStew says:

I chipped in, wish it could have been more. Looks like you're well on your way though at just over $1,000.00 in 4 hours! I've been through a lot of back problems and massive med bills myself. I hope all works out well for you and thank you for your service.

Stuart Kube says:

I am continually irritated that our government and especially the VA cannot provide all the effective care that should be given to our military service personnel. We as America asked them to go into harms way the least we can do is provide ALL the help we can for their recovery.

RationallySkeptical says:

GREAT video on a topic no one covers…right up until the end when you bring religion into it. You're free to believe whatever, but not all of your viewers believe in fairy tales. Keep religion completely out of your videos.

Timothy Paul says:

So sorry for your struggles, George, and thank you for your service! I hate these VA stories, but am happy to report that the VA hospital in Birmingham and the whole system here in Alabama are superb! The most caring staff, short waits, excellent followup, and fantastic care. I can't see how this is not the norm everywhere. Thanks for posting, John!

Morgan says:

I donated what I could. This needs to go on the main channel. I'm sure with that audience the money could be raised no problem. Your a good man John for helping him out. Fingers crossed he's able to get the treatment he needs.

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