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PART 1 OF 2!! Charles is showing more techniques for some serious self defense. He’s using Chanelle and David to help you see the difference between a man and a woman body type. Make sure to practice! This is serious stuff, Family. Thank you all for the love and support.. SUBSCRIBE, TURN NOTIFICATIONS ON, LIKE, COMMENT, AND SHARE BLENDED CHAOS PO BOX 15416 Fort Wayne, IN 46885


Jada montega908 says:

these are some very informative self defense videos

Sam Desmond says:

Such great videos especially for people going through this currently.

Àrlanda Willis says:

Good video. I'm gonna practice these moves. I pray that I'll never have to use any of them

Moya Singh says:

love yall keep grinding

Diamond 316 says:

Hey fam Blended Chaos!! Love the videos as usual and Great to see Doubie and Chanell too! Love u all!

Corie Mn says:

Those techniques are really good .. they gonna help .. thank u sir charles .. and DC Squad .. i love both of those chanels

Ashley Wheat says:

wonderful things you teaching the world 😊😊

Hello All says:

I don't know karate..but I know crazy!! Yes I do!! 👌

Ebony Carty says:

Great video as usual been practicing with my son….can't wait for you both to go live 😁

Vlogs By Leak says:

Y'all my favorite YouTube Channel 💪🏾🔥‼️

Marquita Ervin says:

I really like these videos. I showed them to my daughter as well. We practiced some of the techniques together. I told her it's always good to know how to protect yourself.

Cecelia Nicole says:

I just practiced these while I was watching!! Lol this is truly helpful though God forbid I ever need to actually use them, but I feel like I would remember them☺️☺️

sshephard2001 says:

Great content

fjbjjnjb66 says:

which is more deadlier boxing or karate?

Katelyn Adams says:

Heyyy Blended❤️

im just ruby says:

I love that Chanelle love in respect her dad😊.

Jasmaree gladney says:

I love these self defense videos they can really help ❤️

Jazsmin Applewhite says:

Love u guys too y'all are the best

Blended Chaos says:


Dionne Duberry says:

Yay , love you guys . Chanelle looking cute 💗💗💗💗

J Nation says:


LivingWithTT says:

Notificaton squad hi

Lil_ Niya says:

Love you 😘 soo much

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