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Self Defense: Active Attacker | Knife vs Gun | Tactical Rifleman

To all our aspiring CAPABLE CITIZENS out there, we hope we gave you some food for thought. I (Zee) have trained many security personnel that were not permitted to have a gun for one reason or another. With their access to tools being limited, we worked on using makeshift weapons that our environment provided for us. Also, we worked on several hand to hand principles and techniques to use in those critical moments against an active killer. Beyond all of that, we need to know when to attack and when to get away, the situation will dictate what we do and we will need to act quickly. Think critically about these situations that you might face. Think about worst case scenarios and most likely scenarios. Consider what we are saying and get some good training so that you can be capable. My goal is for you to realize that there is much to consider in a life threatening situation and hopefully realize your limitations relative to your training so that you address them. Fear comes from UNCERTAINTY. If you are frozen with fear, how will you perform? Let’s become confident that we can do what needs to be done in the face of a killer so that we can truly be that hero that our loved ones will expect when the shit hits the fan. Thanks for watching. If you want to train with us; you can check out our schedule at Strength & Honor, Zee Durham Help support Tactical Rifleman by becoming a patron on Patreon or by purchasing one of our T-shirts, check them out at: Want the same gear as Karl check out the NEW Amazon shop For more go to Follow us on Facebook: Instagram: Twitter-


Jerry Ziegner says:

I look forward to meeting you Karl. I have had the great opportunity to welcome Zee as an instructor at our facility.

InYourDefense says:

See a knife? RUN!

Sam Rivera says:

Any tactical rifleman training in PA??

Minuteman4Jesus says:

Woe to the man who brings a knife to a gun fight!!

Joe The Lion says:

Karl fresh as a rose, Zee drenched as usual, despite a lame attempt to hide it with a black t-shirt. Who's the boss? 😄  Great video guys. Thanks for sharing.

JonMacFhearghuis says:

"go hard and start jerking" indeed.

em Burgess says:

Composer? Believe me if a knife or gun comes out, composer is not a problem…I will shit myself immediately…oh that's constipation. Sorry. Great video. I agree knives are tough to defend against m.t.y. handed.

the thinker says:

very interesting video.

Jeff M says:

My kung fu is better then your kumg fu. Great advice.

James Walsh says:

when the shit is the fan you find out who the people are run towards the fire I hear people talk that shit all the time but you question it. I think that could change with time with some people even they might run to the fire one time and cower the next and I might be that person. I work for a federal agency and I was in the Army for 10 years a large part during Iraq so I can only speak to what I have done so far. I wasn't Special forces and I know a large part of this can probably be trained into you especially through that kind of training. however I spent a lot of my time with the infantry even though I wasn't infantry myself but I was picked to take their place lot of times on mission when somebody just wasn't up to the task. I know I'm one of those guys that people underestimate until I am there when needed while others that talk shit were conveniently abscent. I am bordering talking shit myself but this video speaks to me. I watch very few of these tactical channels because they come off over mach or whatever. These videos are straight to point, informative, and well made. I think the seal on here is very professional. I don't know his name but he is not in this video.

Hoss V11 says:

Id give an arm and a leg to go train but then Id feel Id be misising out on so much more. Cjecking out your calendar for training…. Some damn classes. If only I had a bit more freedom, financially that is. Well done fellas thank you

pleon1978 says:

Digging Carl's shirt

Matthew Thwing says:

Dain Bramage T-shirt. Karl, you are literally the coolest guy on the tubes.

Justin Quaid says:

That's one of favorite weapons is a knife. I got 24 years of study behind it. I haven't found to many martial artist that could disarm it because of basic tricks that knife fighters do. I once took a couple of guys with over 30 years of experience in the martial arts and I had them try to disarm me with the training knife. Will they all got the disarm because it was a trainer, but only after I slashed and stabbed them about 8 to 10 times with it. I want people to think they could disarm me because they stick their hands out and when that happens I usually take the fingers, the wrist, or the inside of the arm. If they try to get me into a joint lock then I usually switch the blade in the other hand. These are basic tricks that knife fighters do. Anyway, very dangerous and silent weapon. I always say that it takes 20 years to make a good martial arts master, but it takes only 2 weeks of training with the knife and that person will kill all the masters with 20 years of experience.

user name taken says:

I have fight before. Give me Dain bramage. 😆

noneya bidness says:

net ninja check in….

Instructor zee, can i follow up the chair shot with a stone cold stunner? "Bah gawd! It's gonna be a slobberknocker!"

Greg C says:

Favorite fixed blade knife?

Outlaw Seven says:

Hey Karl!
Im a former German Navy soldier and now im trainee on a german police academy. I really appreciate all your videos!
The trainingdrills( Walther P99Q and HK MP5) in Germany arent that professional as yours or the american all in one. I train a lot for myself on private ranges to improve my skills. Sure.. We dont need them that much in Germany. But in times of IS terror etc. its vital to have those skills.
So thank you very much!
Greetings from Germany.
And as always: Watch your 6!

Steven D says:

Mom always said if there is a knife or a dog, you WILL bleed. Get past it and do what needs to be done.

Blk Stang says:

Like watching solid snake and big boss giving training. CQC 🗡🔫

PipeBear 703 says:

Sound advice. Most common sense approach to a knife I've seen so far. Knives are a common problem in the UK and with no gun backup, other methods need to be employed. Thanks for this.

YZFoFittie says:


Kamen Rider Blade says:

What about the 20' rule where there are multiple stupid Knife assailants @ or under 20' away and coming at you in a ally / corridor / small un-escapable environment from multiple sides. They know you have a pistol, but they all plan on charging you into stabbing range? How do you deal with that scenario?

Dank Dark says:

John Lovell over at Warrior Poet Society has a great video on a really simple (reductionist, even) defensive system thats designed to help you if you're forced to grapple with some madman who's trying to stab you. Would recommend 10/10. Great vid guys, thanks!

L B says:

Train , train, train, repetition, repetition, repetition!!! Well done Gents!! P4P best realistic No BS channel out there!!

P Clark says:

Great video. I really like the delivery. Thanks gentlemen.

Todd B says:

Man, you guys have SO MUCH good information. I gotta start working on the boss, ( wife), to let me use the funds to attend some of your training.
I think it was LTC Dave Grossman who said just 2% of the population are wired to run toward the gunfire. I'm admit to being in the 98% group but I would like to improve my odds of surviving.

Jendrmen Kocieucho says:

Thank you for new GREAT video!

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