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Self defence on the street. Boxer vs. Street Fighter. #selfdefence #fight #boxing #streetfighter


@stas29295 says:

Внутренний лоукик, и этот чувак на шпагате

@345-iv4pu says:

Хочу к тебе на тренировку бро !

@Skubaevruslan44 says:

Противник сможет в сторону уйти в лево или в право и нанести удар с низу

@god_c23 says:

in a real fight u not do it

@user-zd3un6cb9d says:


@marioical1074 says:

el que entendio entendio😂😂

@marcelcovaci9922 says:

A professional fighter will defuse the situation or walk away just because they know the damage they can produce, they don’t have to prove anything to anybody.

@ObliviouslyGifted says:

And that's where you left yourself open for a Muay Thai ROUNDHOUSE!!!

Peter Griffin – "Roadhouse"

@DuSumGoo says:

Low richter thought similar wing pact.

@hostiletakeover4112 says:

Well demonstrated, i have about 5 years of boxing training, and this ALWAYS works on the untrained 😅

@javiermaripan3766 says:

Me voy a comprar un saco de boxeo para sacarle la cresta

@nikola_belarys says:

147 ч 1 тяжкие телесные, проходили братан по малолетке😂

@user-ow1wp9ur3t says:

😂dos no se pelean si uno no quiere 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

@sethwatson4327 says:

Stop showing me these stupid dudes videos please.

@ragon747 says:

Nessa distância já teria levado um chute fácil

@vicstuff3246 says:

Yea u might no how to box but iv seen alot of times that dnt allwayz work out cuz in street fighting anything applies and u never no wat the other person is capable of …I think its best to be all well rounded on all levels of combat not just one……

@samiragetro3836 says:

Jab to distract and then kick the balls.

@user-yq6rp1tx1l says:

Когда пришел домой и вспоминаешь как поступил бы

@looney_sifter3629 says:

The beats you use for these shorts are mean asf…

@ryanferriol8066 says:

dami mong alam

@claireglory says:

everyone has a plan until they got punched in the face.

@Lupa-Vanth says:

Converse guys block is trash literally wide open

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