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The REAL Problem with Learning a Knife Fighting System For Self Defense | Ryan Hoover

Knife fighting systems like the many branches of Filipino Martial Arts may not immediately answer the self defense questions you may be asking. Here is a video where Ryan Hoover explains his stance. The counter argument is the TriCom System by Jared Wihongi. A stripped down version of Kali principles designed specifically for pre-deployment soldiers and law enforcement. Watch here: Thank you for watching our channel. Your subscription is valuable to us. Please consider subscribing. For business inquiries including video production, social media management, product integration and sponsorship please contact our Operations Director: [email protected] Get Connected With the Team! Funker Tactical Website: Funker Tactical FB Page: Music by: Machinima Sound, Anze Rozman and Samuel Nevarez. All of our videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only. Please do not try anything you see in a Funker Tactical video without the supervision of a qualified instructor. These actions are potentially dangerous and may cause injury or death. Always exercise the highest level of safety when handling weapons and firearms. Please check with your local authorities regarding the lawful ownership and use of any weapons, firearms, kit and gear you see in any of our videos. We are not responsible for the consequences derived from the purchase, importation, possession or use of any items you see in our channel. Once again, it is important that you check with your local authorities first.


Mikey Dunn says:

we need more decent martial arts schools in Canada all of them seem to be in Toronto


Sr realistic. OK!!!!

Monroe Kelly says:

Once again the great Ryan Hoover (just ask him, he’s smarter than everybody else) is enjoying hearing himself talk. Seems to be his favorite pastime. Here he bloviates all about something he obviously knows nothing about, Filipino Martial Arts. Save it Ryan. Stick to your Jewish Karate. I mean Krav Maga. You really demonstrate and explain it better.

Leslie Porter says:

Can't really argue with that.

Joseph S. Harrison says:

Although I get your point, Ryan. Here's what I'm going to say. The fact that people don't have the time to train or refuse to make the time to train, or don't care enough about themselves to make the time to train, is not our problem, it's theirs. We should not have to cut, chop and dismantle everything we know down to basic caveman skills just because the general population doesn't take martial arts/self defense training seriously enough, or themselves seriously for that matter. If you want to be as good as Michael Jordan, you have to put Michael Jordan time in. If you want to be as good or better than ANYONE who is great at ANYTHING, you have to put the time in. PERIOD. I agree with you that there are better ways of doing things, but I also know that there are better ways of teaching things too. You can't become effective at ANYTHING going two hours a week, no way, no how, no matter who the teacher is or how good they are. If you can only afford two hours of training and experience per week, then you should spend the rest of the time praying. It's as simple as that. If people want great results, they have to dedicate their time. We live in 2018, where we have the most time saving technology ever devised in human history, so, if people still don't have time, that's probably because it is taken up with way too many excuses and way too much responsibility combined with apathy, laziness, carelessness and complacency. There are better ways of doing things, it's called get your life in order so you can dedicate your training to no less than 3 times per/6 hours a week. Hacking down martial arts/self defense to basic caveman skills because we are submitting to peoples time problems solves nothing, and it only breeds risk of injury. We can't predict what anyone will do, when they will do it, what they will use, how fast they will go, how big or small they will be, and that is the purpose to training martial arts. The biggest problem, and this is where I agree with you the most Ryan, is that more than 90% of all martial arts are sadly behind in the way that they are taught, promoted, educated, trained, learned etc. Which is one of the main reasons why Krav seems to be a better solution in terms of self defense. Krav isn't a better solution, it only appears that way because most martial arts are way behind. That being said, we need better teachers, not better systems. When we have great teachers who deeply understand a lot about the human body, (kinesiology) mind (psychology) and the proper development of both, based on current technology, education and how to properly communicate all of it, and train it, with respect to how current violence occurs, we will start to see a huge difference in martial arts/self defense. But, until that time, people will have to settle with the methodology and philosophies which Krav offers. If everyone trained 3 times per week, 6 hours a week in every range (K,P,T,G) including weapons training, Krav would be obsolete.

Small Handy says:

yeeaa.. is ryan ever in real knife attack?
or just using imagination ? and using his imagination for teaching and making money

1sunstyle says:

I would teach someone all the weapons so they get the multi-angle perspective required for understanding weaponry and empty hands. That's a bitch though, when they only train 2 hours a week! Not going to lead to much.

La Noassi says:

Excuse me, as a YouTube expert about everything I can confirm that the screwdriver stance is VERY EFFECTIVE.

dave hutchinson says:

He's not saying a particular system doesn't work. He's saying that systems with dense content will never create results. He's right. It's why I quit JKD, loathe karate, judo, some jiu jitsu and ancient kung fu… you can't walk around with an encyclopedia of techniques in your head and rely on that for self defense. You will freeze up. I know several people this has happened to. It's all good to study an art for the sake of learning and enjoyment, but if you want self defense you need simple core reliables.

Jp77530 says:

When I study and practice martial arts, I see myself as if I'm going to eat at a buffet. There are a variety of styles of food I can choose from. I can enjoy this cuisine (martial art) and I can dislike another cuisine. Just because one food style from a certain cook was not satisfying to a person does not mean that the rest will be bad. It's like saying: "I tried a Mexican dish from a buffet [or restaurant] and I did not like it then I probably don't like Mexican food at all!"(p.s. I love Mexican food!🤗). I'm not discrediting Ryan (love his work!) but if he received fma training that did not suit him then it doesn't mean that all the other fma styles should be bashed for it, especially when it's worded in the description towards fma. It could be that his fma teacher explained in such a way and maybe it was taken out of context or it could be anything. But just as they are thousands of islands in the Philippines (around 7100), they are thousands of styles, if not, endless styles for fma and other martial arts. But a true martial arts has no style in his or her martial arts and uses other art forms to make martial arts training as dynamic as possible. A martial art that is a styless art. Retaining to a certain style with no interest of adopting others can reframe you to break from tradition. Be humble to adapt 😊

Sunil Nath says:

Ryan vs Filipino Martial Arts.😅

raven zetsu says:

not quite sure if he is pertaining about the FMA or other non-FMA knife system or probably his experience with bad knife instructor or others… i know FMA uses not just knife but all and any items to use in a simple and easy way (one stance fits all and one technique, all weapons)… Doug marcaida explained it in the vidz in this channel about…

mnastreeservice says:

I agree with you 100%. I don't agree with the use of your bad language while you are teaching.
( Respect comes from respect ) You won't gain true respect from your students using bad language in your class.

King Alfred says:

The problem isn't one specific art, whether it's Krav Maga or aikido. It's how much your willing to put into it.

Two hours a week is literally nothing, it's actually worse than not training at all because you'll have some self inflated confidence that you can handle any situation. I don't care if you train aikido if you train hard and smart enough you'll be okay. And before you trash aikido I know some aikidoka that would crush you like a bug

Jacob Golden says:

Man, I love the content.

Steve Soriano says:

Kali attacks the same, no matter the weapon or stance. Every time Ryan goes after this stuff he sounds like he has never actually looked into fma or is being purposefully dishonest.

fayo sader says:

Hey guys great videos, I have a question. I live out in NY do you guys have like an affiliate or some other school you guys know do the same type of trainning?

James Murphy says:

I stay home and watch porn for 25yrs. Oh wait??? it's been 27yrs.

Bear says:

I really enjoy watching and sharing your videos with my young nephews . But as a mentor I'm trying to relay the message to them with a proper education the dictionaries are filled with over one hundred thousand words. And they have a wide variety of words to choose from . There is no reason to resort to the use of curse words . Yet you undermine that by using the f word . Your a smart man . Can and would you use other words to get your point across . Thank you.

SrgGoofy says:

Strawman argument.

The Nose Plays says:

Ryan speaks so much truth and cuts through so much BS. He is a big reason I stay subbed to this channel. Thanks FT. Keep it coming.

Gabriel Land says:

He uses fuck so much because he lacks a decent vocabulary.

6996johannes says:

Come to the hood get some real life experience u sheltered cucks

TC'S Corner says:

Hey guys what he is saying no one can learn multiple technic s in a 2 hour class a week what he is saying is that learn one technic and become very good at it

Clarence Baluca says:

If Ryan's pertaining to the Filipino Martial Arts here, then I don't know who's the fake instructor who gave him that impression. The "one stance fits all" principle and "one technique, all weapons" mindset is core to ALL FMAs. I'm really starting to get the impression that Ryan got a bad FMA instructor which lead to the forming of all his erroneous ideas about FMA.

And yes, I'm thinking he's pertaining to the FMAs simply because the description says so.

Ross Q says:

Good Shyt. Please research Flat Earth

C.W. says:

I really want to know what systems he talking about.

Bo C says:

Always great quality, thanks!

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