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Self defence moves every woman should know

Self-defense moves every woman should know I have a FREE seven-day Wing Chun challenge for you. When you go through this challenge with me, you get the chance to win the complete Wing Chun training course at the end of the challenge. Register here to take part now! Special thanks to. YOLANDA LYNES For more info YOLANDA LYNES TRAINING IN WING CHUN. Have you ever felt like you’ve been a victim of bullying? You may even know someone who has been targeted but doesn’t have the confidence to do anything about it. The world often portrays life as being dominated by those who have superior “power.” What if there was a way to obtain ultimate confidence, reliable self-defense, and mastery of your true self? Many people who train or who may not teach as much have a misconception of true strength. There are much different combat, self-defense, and martial arts systems that may not emphasize the concept of yin and yang, soft and hard or empty and full. Wing Chun is one of the few arts that gave birth to the concept of harmonizing soft and hard principles to overcome an enemy. This is truly a beautiful journey into the world of Wing Chun and how its influence continues until this day. “Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” – Bruce Lee. It’s a beautiful Tuesday! Master Wong Out!! Start your TRAINING TODAY Click here: PS. Whether you are new to the Martial Arts lifestyle or an experienced martial artist looking to further your understanding and skill set, I am here to help you. I train new students, but I also mentor those practitioners who wish to learn new tactics or instruct others in the arts. Developing the skills to teach Martial Arts is not the same as doing martial arts. In this field, I can help you.


John Doe says:

I feel bad for anyone who tries this in self defense. If a girl isn't strong enough rip his hand away from her mouth like she did in this video then it's worthless. I've tried it with my girlfriend and it's a lot more difficult than you think.

Waqo Mato Ali says:

Thank you master Wc

Shoaib Jawad says:

a woman can never fight an angry violent man

Mahesh Raveendra says:

Merry Christmas mr. wong

Dennis Harrington says:

Thanks. Merry Christmas.

Sourav Das says:

Merry Christmas

Jennifer Bauman says:

If there is chloroform on that rag you have ten inhales be for you go night night. So get out of that situation as soon as possible. I can't remember what one inhale will do but not good. God bless. Merry Christmas and Happy New. From Glenn CATT in Massachusetts.

Silvio Veneziano says:

Happy Christmas Master Wong 🎄🎄

Dan Constancio says:

Merry Christmas, Master Wong.
I always get my wife to practice on me.
She's good. Sometimes catching me off guard.

Julio Chingaling says:

Thank you Master for every video. Very useful 👍. Be safe Master. God bless 🙏
Merry Christmas ☃️🎄

Jer Michael says:

Amazing human being sir!

Миша Михайлов says:

A Beautiful Girl

Fabyosc Alvarez says:

This is a good video for me Master Wong thanks keep making more please

MM says:

Great video!

Funnin Games says:

Hey Master Wong, I just wanted to say. "Thanks for all the videos. You're the bomb! Happy Holidays!"

Deepak Joshi says:

Merry Christmas everybody. Wishing you good luck and prosperity. May almighty shower his bounties upon you all. 🎄 🙏❤

JanE Gritz says:

Thank you Master and very Merry Christmas!

Doulas Garcia says:

Hi, Master Wong,
Love your channel and how and what
You teach, but when you say the Lord's
name in vain, it hurts me because I
Know you are a great person and I look
up to you, I believe in our Creator
The Lord Jesus and he said not
to use his name in vain. May God bless you and keep you and your family 🙏🏼

X VSJ says:

Merry Christmas 🎄 Master Wong & Family 🎄

Wynn Ou says:

Wishing you have a Merry Christmas Master Wong!

エドワーズジェームズ says:

Thank you Master Wong. I will certainly show this to my family.

Muhammad Iswandi says:

Love from Singapore

Double A says:

It’s a fun video for entertainment thank you.

EnderSliV says:

Love your content , keep it up ! 💞❤👌👍

Rashidsayyed Rashidsayyed says:

I like this defence 👊 grab beautiful girl & hit your 🥜 nut 👊. i like this defence master see ya 👋😜 merry Christmas 🎄

Matty P says:

Wong da king, thank you master

Mike Cozine says:

Merry Christmas and happy new year my friend keep up the great video

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