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Scary Home Invasion Caught On Surveillance Video

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ianc says:

Once again the common denominator is?? Uve guessed it folks!

Philip Theriault says:

It's only a matter of time before those dirt bags get what's coming to them

Evan G. Srinathji Das says:

Statistical analysis indicates…

Something2say says:

Nice place!

Jeovany 1996 says:

Would you guys have shot them?

Arturo Almeida says:

I thought you were gonna say Brazil!

Jennifer White says:

This is when a personal protection dog is super valuable.

ridingrules10000 says:

Those two guys are looking to get shot dead. That's what they are looking for.

Mazen Hughes says:

Carry in your house.. Keep head on a swivel at all times

Marty Groover says:

"Carry your tools on you" I don't think means a tape measure and pencil😉

Mother Shipton says:


Liberatedmindfreeheart1439 says:

“Good sane sober moral prudent people”

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