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Sacramento Officer Responds To Shots Fired At A Boxing Event

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Dimitri Yakushev says:

04:58 Incorrect use of the word “anarchy”.

Eric Carr says:

i hope this guy was not defending.The people ran out from other shooter because even after he got his gun he didnt point at anyone. They were just seen another gun and ran away. Sounded like and looks like he did not fire, shots were coming from inside. You can see the other gunman firing out Garage door clearly see gun and flash. Even by what is can slow down to see he didnt have his gun raised. he was backing away…Tough call just because ppl are scared dont mean he was the bad guy. i do understand he presented himself as a threat Slow it down and see for your self…I do understand cop doesnt know who or were gunfire is coming from exactly just from direction.

Kevin Cohan says:

Show me your –

Nvm he's dead

Trevor Sanchez says:

Very chaotic situation I think the officer handled himself very well!!!!

RodCornholio says:

"What does he look like?" He's wearin' a hoodie and a backwards baseball cap.

David Anderson says:

And this is why I park my car way down the street 😂

Just Call Me Richard says:

It looked like a classy affair.

Matthew Hunter says:

Update: I saw this video a couple months ago. The narrator stated that the shooter inside the warehouse was a concealed carrier who opened fire on the suspect

Peanut Wars says:

Not that I’d know if I or you would act in the moment but don’t you think these kinds of situations would end faster if society was trained to rush an attacker whenever you see one instead of run? It’s like we could all run and get shot running or all rush the shooter and they might get shot going for it but maybe it would lead to less death idk

Glen Bradley says:

Cop shows up, randomly kills an innocent self-defender. "Cops did a great job." Cop yells at the guy "throw away the gun!" guy throws away the gun. ASP says "I'd have shot him again for obeying that cop." Man y'all screwed this one up big time. smh

Juanpablo Serrano says:

Porfavor nesesito que lo pasen en castellano los subtítulos están en ingles

Smooth says:

I bet the 2nd gunman escaped among people running away.

Beefdrape Mudflapper says:

I definitely don't miss that shithole city. 20 yrs ago it was nice in some areas but Sacramento is trash now.

V4V says:

Big man until you get popped in ya back

Mister G says:

The “perp” seems to be a defender. Hence why he leaves alone the person who walks up to him, and doesn’t seem to aim at anyone around him. It looks like he took a stand to defend everyone, got killed for it and provided the diversion for the real perp to flee. It’s tough to watch. “You are the agent in your own rescue, no one’s coming to help you” – someone apparently did and he died for it.

Bryson Cota says:

I feel like until you guys really know the story, you should refrain from calling people the perp. That guy could have easily been the guy that was trying to protect everyone. If he was trying to kill people he wouldve been shooting into that croud of people and wouldve shot the guy that got in his face. I love the channel but this one hit different and i really really do not believe this guy was the perp. Not everyone is trained for those scenarios so yes, maybe he wasnt doing everything properly. And obviously had no idea a cop waa going to run up and immediately shoot him before identifying himself. Which by the way, they are supposed to do.

RDC_Autosports says:

i’ve seen this before, or did this happen again?

Charles Darwin says:

I no longer have respect for this channel.

jussayin mipeece says:

sorry but "what's he look like" is sort of not so great a question in a crowd of black people in a dimly lit space at night. Jussain.🙄😳😆

Tarantula Maven says:

Shootings seem to be a normal thing in Sac…I know as I live in North Sac!

Nathan Mccarty says:

Lose the troll host. Disturbing to look at.

Mossberg's Hobby & Games says:

I think the officer told him to toss it

Genuine Comments says:

What an officer to still go in as gunfire rains. Proud of you man 👍

Jim Ziogas says:

Drills him son

Trevor Pool says:

That would have been extremely awkward if that was a conceal carry guy that stopped him and the cop just lights him up

yukoncharlie2 says:

Any ASP viewer who has watched for any period of time probably had the 'rules of stupid' mantra repeating through their head this entire video.

neontetra1000 says:

I disagree with the point about not looking at the sliding gun. He could be sliding it to his partner outside the officers field of view.

neontetra1000 says:

At the end of the day this guy was firing his weapon into a crowded warehouse so good riddance.

Joe Vicario says:

There are always people saying carry a gun to stop a threat, that advice didn't help this guy. He was going to try and stop the bad guy and ended up getting shot in the back by the police.

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