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Released Prisoner Beats Up Officer

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Mike Summers says:

In these very difficult times, it is wrong to send cops on lone patrols. If there is no other choice, then they should have a volunteer bodyguard with an AR15. There must be tens of thousands of AR15 enthusiasts who would love to receive a little police training and do something useful with their firearm capability.

Kenneth Kerr says:

Theres is no way in hell I was gonna let that criminal beat me like that. I would have smoked his ass before getting out of the vehicle.

Michael Brandon says:

Police in Toronto are a joke. Wth is this?

Alfio Gravitas says:

that officer is shit tbh

Mr Hansen says:

If that cop wouldve dared use deadly force he should be put in prison, that would be Racism! The ex-con was just defending himself after he asked the cop for a ride and the cop gets out with his baton and threatens this poor man! LOL


This is what happens when cops are afraid to protect themselves for the ramifications of shooting a black guy… Might lose your job and get life in prison for defending yourself
Black privilege everywhere – being able to break every law and not face justice because the media and judges are on your side

M N says:

Cops have rules, criminals don’t

Clif Smith says:

What kind of police do they have in Canada cop has a gun and doesn’t believe in defending hisself the cop had to call the cops 👮‍♀️.

MKW 56 says:

what an absolute horrific incident and completely incompetent officer. Pull out your firearm and end the terrifically dangerous situation. Save your life. Is this what our law enforcement is coming to due to the fear of MSM condemning them?

MrFurley says:

Let's release some more violent criminals. Great idea.

S.C.O.S says:

it was hard to watch the moment the officer was hit initially.

MrWhytboi says:

Now if the officer would have shot him they woulda fired him when he clearly would have been trying to defend himself

fullmetal25 says:

Even though I have a level 3 holster, I still keep a backup gun. As for fight style I've been boxing all my life basically.

Nepse 76 says:

That cop didnt want to shoot him cause Black lifes matters 😂😂

David The First says:

He was probably afraid to draw his weapon in case he had to use it and end up facing a murder charge

Todd Looper says:

That cop needs a new career. That was hard to watch, he's mighty lucky guy didn't beat him to death.

SaucyX4 • says:

At what point can he take out his gun and shoot him? It feels like if someone’s attacking you for no reason as soon as you get punched you should be able to warn him if he try’s to attack again he’ll be shot no 🤔 instead he used no deadly force and literally tried grabbing his gun possibly killing the officer and probably rob or attack others. Who thought it was smart to let a criminal out in the first place 😂😑 idk it seems like the adults in charge of the world are idiots

bgfeet says:

Is it just me or do you think the cops was afraid to shoot the sack of shit because of george floyd. might be thinking if i shoot this wanker, i might go to jail………….

P Nice says:

Hi, I'm a liberal and I just want to compliment this police work. The judge and courthouse all handled this situation great. This man had every right to commit the litany of crimes and not be harmed. I know this won't be a story and that is great too!

paul D says:

If he had used his gun, the city would still be burning down, Building by building. Cops are in big trouble these days. If they do there jobs, They riot and burn everything , loot and steal. No criminal is wrong In There eyes. So sick !!!!

Sunil M says:

I was frustrated why didn’t cop maintained distance & why didn’t he shoot him?

Danny Jacobs says:

As much as I commend law enforcement officers, everyone isn't cut out to be in law enforcement, myself included. But I can't see me allowing this to happen to me, and worse, continue to happen to me like this! That white jumpsuit would have ended up with red poky dots!

ptrriis says:

What the hay! Black life matter, right. Not this one!

Irvine Spiegel says:

SJW are to blame for this. Police are afraid to defend themselves.

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