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Murder or Self Defense, You decide

A jury voted to acquit the shooter in this case under Arkansas’ use of force laws. Visit my blog post for more information on this case. http://black-dog-soc…


Emp6ft10in says:

It’s sad but that driver wasn’t chasing down that guy because he was going to give him a hug. Self defense.

rolg3 says:

Easy gun access, laws from the wild west period and pretty adulterous women don’t mix well. I pity the poor kids having to make sense of so much madness because 3 grown up idiots could not sort out their emotional mess peacefully.

Brian Patterson says:

if someone is chasing me down better belive they are gonna eat led, i dont care, i’ll do the time, another nigga dead la times front page

juki0h says:

the wife was probably thinking, oh shit! now i get to keep everything!

Handerssen Van says:

Self defense.

Emilio Halepopoulos says:

The only insult you can hurl at me is to call me a British subject. Better to be an utter prat than a subject. All the Americans who agree, click like 🙂

Emilio Halepopoulos says:

crap. my comment came out like shit. goddam iphones. there is no such thing as a good gun law.

Emilio Halepopoulos says:

gareth jones…. jeeez dude. The only good gun laws are ones that are permissable by Constirional

JDOGMACK75 says:

i am an american bad ass, so watch me kick, you can roll with rock or you brits can suck my d###

JDOGMACK75 says:

hey gareth Jones!!! why don’t you and pierce morgan go get a hotel room and blow eachother? you anti gun fags.. if it werent for guns we would still be under the control of you pussies

carlos lopez says:

you a snitch!! that’s what you are! a bitch!

Bree O'Dell says:

fuck people who say I don’t know what i’m talking about i’m a murder investagator

BlackDogSociety says:

Well according to another person from the UK arguing that gun control works in the UK the 1.99 figure in 2003 is misleading. Apparently some homicides posted that year were actually committed on a long period of time, so it’s not a 50% drop. Crime is down in the UK now but there really isn’t anything that suggests that gun control has anything to do with that. I think the official reason given for the decrease is better policing and community involvement in fighting crime…

Gareth Jones says:

And incidentally, the biggest cause of crime here is related to excessive alcohol use, in the form of binge drinking, which has shown a dramatic rise. Give the Torygraph credit, they highlight that point.

Gareth Jones says:

Didn’t you read my comment about homicides in general – down nearly 50% from 2003 to 2012? Murders are below pre-gun control levels, as your graph clearly shows. The Daily Torygraph article was a malicious misrepresentation of the figures as part of their campaign against the then Labour government and in favour of the Tories. Even they couldn’t hide the facts about the decline in violent crime. US gun laws wouldn’t work here and the British people in overwhelming numbers know that.

BlackDogSociety says:

LOL, It’s extremely foolish to look only at gun homicides. Sure gun homicides are lower but the overall homicide rate actually rose in England and Wales, tinyurl . com / qchdteh Why is that do you suppose? Could it be that there were many more victims of crime that didn’t involve firearms? tinyur . com / 3yyho5p See the logic that controlling guns reduces crime is so daft. Just look at what’s going on in the US. The crime and homicide rates here are at a 50-year low while gun ownership is up.

Gareth Jones says:

Get your facts right. Gun crime *is* falling. We have one of the lowest rates of gun homicides in the world: 0.04 firearm homicides per 100,000 inhabitants and 2.4% of all homicides (2009 and – 2010 figures). UK homicides per 100,000 people fell from 1.99 in 2003, to 1.0 in 2012. The 2010/11 British Crime Survey showed overall violence was down 47 per cent on the level seen at its peak in 1995; representing nearly two million fewer violent offences per year. Now that’s what I call working well.

BlackDogSociety says:

Your gun laws work extremely well for the criminals. Your homicide rate remained essentially the same (increased slightly) while the incidents of violent crime skyrocketed to unprecedented levels in the 10 years following the implementation of the gun control laws. I don’t call that working well at all….

Gareth Jones says:

No I don’t. You’re dead wrong about the UK. You don’t understand the relationship of the people with the monarchy (which should be scrapped, btw), nor our attitude to freedom, nor our willingness to defend ourselves. Our gun laws work extremely well here. Gun laws in general are not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s arrogant to think that to civilise us all you have to do is export your law system over here.

BlackDogSociety says:

Well you have to admit that Emilio’s statement was somewhat accurate considering your Country’s view on gun control. Most of your countrymen would give up their freedoms for the Queen and your Parliament. But there are occasionally glimmers of more rational thinking on firearms i.e. the public outcry in the Tony Martin case that “pressured” his commuted sentence. It must be tough to think you cannot even protect yourselves or your property without fear of jail time.

Gareth Jones says:

You’re an ignorant, racist moron, and an utter prat.

Emilio Halepopoulos says:

It is murder in britain, because brits have the mentality that dictates that people do not have rights or freedoms and that people are just minions for the queen. The right to keep and bear arms to a brit is a stink up this nostrils because freedom offends them.

Murphaticlaw says:

But lying is

Murphaticlaw says:

oooo SnAp! Boy you got me there Sparky, I had to go lay down for a day after seeing your scathing insult
My life is unalterably ruined do to your masterful use of incredible impregnable invective

& you’re still a jerk=)

Mowthan says:

nah mate what youre talking about is trolling

if someone is skeptical it means they dont believe something

and not believing something that someone else claims aint trolling

Gareth Jones says:

Tell me, were you born a prat or are you naturalised?

Murphaticlaw says:

Cool, could you not comment either?

Not that we’re afraid of your ‘thoughts’ you understand, you’re just a jerk

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