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Prepare And Prevent, Don't Repair And Repent

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Akmuk Maxin says:

What? This is beyond creepy.

John Foley says:

If walking alone and a vehicle

COINCIDENTALLY is stopping near where you are on

your side of the street. Move to the other side.

" There are NO COINCIDENCES" – said my Future Rape attorney, now to become a JUDGE!

PS A college grad in Philadelphia similar situation, midnight

walking on sidewalk as a thug approached just walkin' towards him.

Thug passes and immediately pulls out a gun and shoots innocent guy

in the head. No reason at all ! Crazy! Saw the video. No interaction between

either of them. Like two strangers ignoring each other, then BOOM!

Go to the OTHER side of the street, Midnight! Dark out!

Jeff Monson says:

She literally let her attempted rapist go 🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ o well I hope she learned her lesson

Zippo Amerika says:

she was so very fortunate that off duty was down the street oh wait on duty was near by.
no joke she was fortunate

Azhem says:

This happened in Argentina, Buenos Aires. So the most likely result is that he will continue to do so with great impunity. Sadly our system ain't like USA and we can't defend ourselves nor carry guns. Neither the police can't do anything because the laws.

They are strictly prohibited from shooting someone, even if he has a gun in his hand and is willing to hurt others. In case they do, they will go to prison and the perp will be on public TV talking about his "hard life".

BennieBoi says:

Bro. If y’all females can’t have atleast a little courage this kind of stuff will never stop happening. Why do you think creepy men aren’t afraid to do this kind of stuff? Because they know 99% of women aren’t gonna do anything but cower, cry, and beg him not to. Be the 1% that isn’t gonna let someone victimize you. Stop letting fear freeze you up. Men got over the urge to ball up thousands of years ago. Your turn.

Appl_Jax says:

Wow, she was incredibly lucky to have police cars literally seconds away… any other time, he would have probably had his way with her.

Richard Harris says:

Close the border

Ricky Ellison says:

Ladies, besides your own tools in this day and age. Get yourself a really Dirty Harry. Really Dirty.

AXMRDR says:

I think she was stupid.

Peppi la MEU31 says:

Remember, if you decide to carry lethal or nonlethal device that will protect yourself learn how to use it and keep distance with it so that the bag I can’t grab it because if you have a knife and he overpowers you you’re in trouble do you have spray you don’t know how to use it you’re in trouble same thing with the pistol. Number one be aware and alert at all times when you’re walking by yourself late at night like this and secondly know what to do. If you have a friend that can go with you , male preferably since a female would have to walk back by themselves.

UBER if you can. Alert a friend let them know hey I’m leaving so and so house it’s takes me x amount of time if I don’t call you by x amount of minutes check up on me and if i don’t answer then call for wellfare check. There are quite a few ways. And finally if a man or anyone is trying to take you in the car you MUST NOT COMPLY AND FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE. Once in the vehicle who knows what will happen odds are death.

Joseph Tilotta says:

8 hours is telling Police..forget it.
So shame on her..but yes bear spray would work. If he had a gun might have been different.
1875 Law.


Giving my white camper van, a bad name! What a scumbag!

Jon Golden says:

Thank God those officers were there

Max Lopez says:

why in all of any good on this earth did she not report it when that would stop him from being released????

Phill Huddleston says:

She was very lucky that the police were right down the road and heading her way.

dr bichat says:

I was hoping an off duty Brazilian police would show up and make the guy take the room temperature challenge

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