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Preemptive Strike Tactical Self Defense Trick – Preemptive strikes as self defense tactics give you an advantage in a street fight, but this pre-emptive strike baiting …



this guy is crazy and never got into a real fight NEVER!
You give the man a beer NOT a palmface..YOU`RE gonna be sued!!!

RaT HerDer says:

“Hey, baby. Let me buy you a drink.”
“ummm, no thankyou”
“oh, is that not cool? *open palm strike*”

William Bauer says:

***Visual clues to set up for a seek attack if you HAVE to!**

azaproc says:

solid snake brought me here

golemkonty says:

@cqctraining yes, i agree with you! you just dont need to ben your knees in
the real wing chuns stance – this can be a sign for your opponent too, but
its not good for you as long as your center of gravity is not low and if he
pushes you than you will fall, but thats where the hands in frot of you
become handy! they re very close to him and you can react faster! so you
need to hold them in front of your shoulders and so…. peace!

CrimsonGetsu says:

@bluescountryfolk in any sport it is it is to your benefit to hit
first..but the scenario is not a battle field, or a fighting round. Perhaps
if take a back step and dodge a punch first, or mabie block, or even hit
the guy as you see him getting ready to perform a punch it is acceptable as
self defence. But if you suprizingly punch a guy in the face -especially if
the guy is not in a fighting stance- to many it is consider starting the

cqctraining says:

Never good to receive the first punch and then try to “defend”. 90% of the
time, the person who throws the first punch will “win” because he now owns
the offense and you have to try to gain back position. You’re much better
off in your self defense techniques if you look for visual cues that
there’s not getting out of the fight and taking the first strike yourself.
Thanks for the great feedback and questions everyone! Keep ’em coming! 😉

PM Rave says:

@golemkonty oh stop talking rubbish. let me rephrase it then: hand skills.
punch technique. punch combinations. whatever you wana call it. you dont
know enough about real fighting to discuss this anyway

JINXcrew says:

So if a guy does not accept my drinks then palm him in the nose !! Yell at
him ‘DUDE THATS NOT COOL’ and send him to the deck.. Hiiiii yaaaaaarrrrrrrr

cqctraining says:

@CrimsonGetsu I honestly thank you for your professional opinion and
valuable input to the conversation. The world is a much better place for
knowing what you think of me and the video lesson. (Please note the
sarcasm) Look, I don’t mind if you disagree with my self defense
techniques, but at LEAST provide some intelligent addition to the debate,
eh? Don’t be one of those dorks that just goes around commenting you don’t
like something. Say WHY and then offer your own self defense advice.

Dustin Nunyo says:

What happened to these clips? 🙁

Lyle Hill says:

So after all that build up all you do is slap him in the mouth? Suprise
slap? lol

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling says:

Ive noticed when guys wanna fight they will do some sort of pacing motion
like a tiger in a cage. It might be slight but they appear to be looking
for the right angle to punch you and also on some level they are trying to
overcome inertia so their attack flows into their movement. They accomplish
this if YOU are stationary thats is why you have to change your position
also. Turning your body line you suggest gives him a smaller angle, which
is good.

cqctraining says:

@407sport Niiiiice! I like the analogy of smashing a grapefruit in the face
of your attacker. I would probably add in the “grinding” of the grapefruit
so that your fingers naturally rip back and forth across the eyes so
there’s a better chance of both hitting the target as well as getting the
desired effect. Kind of like the motion of using a juicer where you wiggle
the grapefruit back and forth to get out all the juice. Thanks for adding
that tip 407 sport! Awesome! ~ Jeff

BrutalityBanana says:

I agree, good work

golemkonty says:

if you step aside and go to a stance its already a challenge! plus your
second hand is too far for a second strike! i reccomend a win chun stance,
and, yes, all the rest is good – lifting your hands and moving it in
circular manner, but the advantage is that your hands will be closer ad
after the first strike with first hand you just deliver the second with
other hand in no time and continue your attack with third blow, etc. wing
chun for life! peace!

cqctraining says:

@golemkonty Ahhh…got it! I like the way you think BEYOND traditional wing
chun techniques and look at street fighting practicality. DAMN I need to
find a wing chun instructor near me!!! Do you find that it’s possible to
learn wing chun techniques from video? Any recommendations?

CrimsonGetsu says:

@bluescountryfolk yes i agree with that..

Amirboy12 says:

thank yea man!

3ncrypt3dcod3s says:

mmm yes, i can see from your avatar that you look like a hardened street

CrimsonGetsu says:

@cqctraining sure you want is some: all this video is about
punching a guy in the face, it doesnt teach you technique, no
purpose.. ive been in combat trainin for a few years (so you know im no
stranger) and you learn self defence, which means you are never contact
first even when the guy says “its not cool.” You pay the consequences for
hiting first and by the way, your stance was horrible.

xHighallTimesx says:

AM i the only one that laughed when he said pantywaste?

LaBelle424242 says:

cqctraining, your videos are EXCELLENT! The “victims” who worry about legal
issues with striking the first blow aren’t processing the reality. I’d much
rather plead my case to a judge than be poked in the nose; or worse,
getting a drunk’s slobber on myself. Witnesses will verify the true
instigator. As the Vikings knew, it’s the aggressor who lands on top.
Popped on to see a sharpening vid. Ended up watching you & subscribing.
Sewing scissors still dull, but my senses keen. Bravo!

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling says:

in order to deply ANY of your weapons you MUST be able to have the MENTAL
where with all to GO IN AND DO IT that is the MAIN area that jams people
up. If you “really dont want this to be happening to you” You Will freeze
up and not KNOW when the proper moment IS to ATTACK which is what you are
doing. It helps to give yourself a mental command ;like GO! or NOW ! or
ATTACK ! as you’re doing this to interrupt any mental chatter you may have.

Figus Heimunschplit says:

Nobody stands that far away when they’re being intimidating, the dude will
be up in your face already. What really bothers me is his palm-heel, the
leaning and his distancing… I don’t buy that he knows what he’s doing at
all. People need to understand that there are no secret tricks or special
moves, if you want to be able to defend yourself then start training
Muay-Thai, boxing, or BJJ. After you do your weak-ass palm slap, the drunk
guy is going to start throwing haymakers anyways

Giroutte says:

i try that i got beat up #/

Bill Kortenbach says:

Some of you are getting assault and battery confused. They are separate
crimes. Assault is movement toward the intended victim with intent to do
harm. Battery is the aggressive physical contact, strikes, shoves etc. The
law gives you the right to defend against assault, which means in certain
circumstances, a justified preemptive strike. Otherwise the aggressor would
have the advantage and the law does not permit this.

407sport says:

I been doing combatives for a very long time, this position it´s not good
at all, sorry the balance it´s very poor, also in that position there is
not power at all for a good face mash a finger jab would be much better, if
the guy is combative let´s get combative then, you should avoid the
confrontation before the monkey is on top of you & if you really want to
avoid the situation run away simple as that, good movie to watch if someone
hit you or tackle you in that position. Regards JM

unclejalepino says:

Can you make a video on protecting groin if someone tries at your groin

dirosaga says:

@dirosaga *limberly punch

Robert Deroyer says:

It would be interesting to see some techniques that you can use in a really
tight environment like when you’re in your seat on a bus or tram and some
larger guys start hasseling you while you have barely the space to move.
Does that excist?

gat0rbball says:

@cqctraining NP. It is sad that courts will side with the aggressor just
because you stopped him before he could take the first swing.

cqctraining says:

@golemkonty – thanks for your input on the video! I’m a huge fan of wing
chun techniques (see my video on a version of the straight blast). There
are a lot of advantages of the stance and follow up you pointed out. It’s
definitely an option. The challenge is to assume your wing chun stance
without looking like you’re getting ready to fight, you know? Really
appreciate your feedback on the video and you’re welcome any time! ~ Jeff

Sillydemons says:

@cqctraining I also would recommend Master Wong as a viable source of
instruction in Wing Chun. The forward stance would be of greater benefit in
this scenario because you don’t shift your weight until you are
striking/blocking; it gives the appearance of no stance at all and would
definitely give you an advantage when you need to act/react. The submissive
posture is very useful for it works on the subliminal level and any
advantage is better than none.

cqctraining says:

@gat0rbball – Very true! One of things to consider is to first state out
loud (so witnesses can hear), “I don’t want to fight!”. This, along with a
submissive posture and your attacker’s forward advance, should be enough to
justify your first strike position. Thanks for bringing that up gat0rbball!

Figus Heimunschplit says:

Do you think that it’s possible to learn how to fight at all from watching

cqctraining says:

@NORMANGODS – Actually, me and a group of our ISCQC members just got back
from RMCAT training in Colorado with full force response tactics. This self
defense training is as realistic as you can get. Nothing like taking your
knee into some guys family jewels as hard as you can to see if you could
really pull it off in a real attack. I’ll get some of the clips together
and post them soon.

Bandogge Mastiff says:

TAU001G012: the other option would be to recieve the first punch, which do
you think is better?

klc9909 says:

preemptive strike in self defense… THIS GUY MAKES SENSE for retards

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling says:

keeping your hands in motion is good advice as it helps you to overcome
inertial also, so its excellent advice. When My adrenalin flows Iget the
shakes which is even BETTER tactically since it makes it look like Im
“trembling in fear” from his perspective.

Robbie Barnes says:

So basically you hit him first then get arrested for assault (Dogey
spelling?) and most likely sent to court :L Good idea though

golemkonty says:

@cqctraining the basic principles are easy to understand even with watching
videos, i recomend you to look at Master wong channel on youtube – he is
great teacher,but in fact you need real training with miltiple partners …
its about physical contact and to forget all that you know bout fighting
and side stances and a real practice with real partners! i recomend you to
search a school near you, there is no matrial art that you can learn
without going to school! sorry for my english! peace!

David Livermore says:

Best self-defense for a drunk: “hey, let me buy you a drink.”

cqctraining says:

@407sport – Thanks for your comment. As for finger jabs, they’re great in
training against a focus pad. HORRIBLE in close quarters combat. Here’s
why: 1. Finger joints are more unstable than the targets you’re hitting
which means probable joint injury and the inability to strike after a
finger jab. 2. Point-to-point targeting (e.g. fingers to eyes) are too
difficult. Targets in practice don’t move. A person you’re fighting DOES
and you won’t strike a point target in a real street fight.

407sport says:

Please check with other professionals in combatives how to do finger Jabs
with no risk of injury, In a fight anyone has posibilities of injury as we
are fighting not driving cars… but this is not the case,the porcentage of
injury delivering a propper finger jab it´s very low & it´s allready tested
in battle fields with positives results. Kindest Regards J.M

CrimsonGetsu says:

@bluescountryfolk in any sport it is to your benefit to hit first..but the
scenario is not a battle field, or a fighting round. Perhaps if take a back
step and dodge a punch first, or mabie block, or even hit the guy as you
see him getting ready to perform a punch it is acceptable as self defence.
But if you suprizingly punch a guy in the face -especially if the guy is
not in a fighting stance- to many it is consider starting the fight.

407sport says:

I watched your video again when you strike, imagine you hold a grapefruit &
smash it on the guy`s face ( almost the same what you have done on the
video) the porcentage of getting one of your fingers in one of his eyes
it´s 99% . Our goal it´s not to destroy his eyeball I`am just fine
irritating one of his eyes with a simple touch of his cornea, to make the
person close his eyes ( I f he close one eye he will close both) In a
second we have kill his vision & now you know the rest. Regards

bill jones says:

these are some great videos man, could u make a video of an attacker
spontaneously attacking u wearing padding and actually fight for real, to
show off your skills?

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