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Pasadena Officers Chase Down Former Marine

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S A says:

That was a cluster….

Tough circumstances.

AnthonyJessica Guerrero says:

looked like GTA… jeeze

rob t says:

why do the uturn if you know your not following the law??

D William says:

Bro police cars gota be bullet prooof Wtf 🤬

Liam Morris says:

pew pew pew pew pew

AWKF /COD/GTA/Homies says:

Its sad that this guy probably didn't mean to cause harm but just mentally became his own enemy and enemy of the police. My heart goes out to those with PTSD.

ToledoPitbull says:

I totally agree the gun law's in California caused this incident. There's not enough cop's for everyone to have a personal body guard so why so many gun law's?

Rusty Shackleford says:

I would be so upset if I got hit by friendly fire

Brent Wise says:

All this because he’s guns weren’t registered lol smfh glad in Texas your guns don’t need to be registered

Levi Tull says:

The strict CA gun laws? You mean the part where your gun has to be registered to you, like your car? He was not a sheriff, he was a security guard. They would not of even searched him for this stop.

Adammartiniz says:

Wtf was this guy doing?

Adammartiniz says:

I like when they do headstands

Darius Conston says:

So the marine got murdered for not following Californias unconstitutional gun laws and would rather die than lose his rights. Hmm

Kweeni says:

First I give thumb up. Then I watch the video. I'm that simple

GoodNooB 32 69 • Years ago says:

8:36 officer's shadow looking like he was stripping.

Greg K says:

Why are the badge cams off on some of the police officers?

Gretashatner says:

Come on man. Here you are saying that this man is "understandably" upset over the gun laws to cause him to carry illegally and get in a gun fight with officers. If you are even remotely capable of shooting at police officers, you shouldn't own a gun. Quit trying to loop things back to some gun law gripe, that was cringe worthy.

Geovak says:

Why they shooting?

PCT says:

Did perp ha e a gun?

Isaiah Patten says:

iF hE wAS wHiTe DeY wOuLd'Nt Do Dat… oh wait

Ride Alongside says:

I want to know if the item on the back of the police car in the top video is a bike rack. If so, this may be a first.

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