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Aggressive Man Approaches Officer And Forces His Hand | Active Self Protection

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josh48315 says:

Respect has both increased as well as decreased. We see first hand the shit they have to put up and deal with, and the dicey situations that can be life or death that they need to make a split second decision with. Much respect earned for that. But we also see the corruption and abhorrent things that when we were younger we didn't know occurred because as a child you are taught that police are perfect upstanding heroes of society and they can always be trusted. We now see with badge cams that that is not always the case. I think there is more than one answer to the question. If anything it has opened our eyes to a lot more, both good and bad.

Jeff Busath says:

"I might be stabbed, I'm not sure."

Can you say adrenaline? Wow!

Jay W says:

Utmost respect for these L.E. guys, good awareness, good drills. Bodycams have been of great benefit…
A great lesson to be learnt from this episode, Don't bring a knife to a gunfight!
Not sure of this guys malfunction, but his judgement call allowed the Wheat to be separated from the Chaff.
Thanks for the channel John… Fantastic insight into the darker aspects of the Human psyche.

khanart says:

Room temp challenge?

julle huu says:

he coed complitely from side of the situation who he was anyway

MansterBear says:

Body cams for all, imo.
It is good for both sides. Keeps cops honest, and helps disprove the media lies when they try to create another michael brown / trayvon.

Brad C says:

Wow….kudos to these officers for being aware! I didnt even see the knife until it was slowed down……btw brilliant idea charging armed police with a knife……yeesh. So glad I dont have to do that job! Glad others are willing to do so even with little respect from the media and the leftist community. We need law and order in America… our Police Officers!

Al B. Dersame says:

Definatly increased my respect for "All" officers. There is alot of hatred for the police. Probably more than any other time in history. A small percent give cop's a bad reputation. But camera's don't lie. As a whole, cop's are the good guy's contrary to those who say "All" cop's are bad. Which is a Very narrow minded view in the first place. Body cam's prove time and time again that the officer's have a dangerous job. Without a video of this particular situation, countless people would automatically claim that this cop committed murder, or attempted murder. Don't know the outcome here. But again, "Camera's don't lie" well done by all involved..

FilosofoCA says:

Did he just randomly come? Whos that guy

Dave Steelss says:

Aaaahhhhhhh hahahahahaha

scogrant says:

Unbelievable and absolutely professional response by both officers.

joshua Johnson says:

Now I bet if he was white he wouldn't have gotten shot that many times

Ryan M Prower says:

it kind of decreases it
ive seen a lot of videos where the camera gets intentionally turned off for unknown reasons.
I am 100% for self defense, but in the military they've drilled us the RoE, which i hardly see in a lot of police videos. They usually go straight to deadly force.

Josphelli hsilak says:

The cop haters were hoping that chest cameras would reveal more police brutality, they were dead wrong. I know there are some bad cops, but I'm very thankful for these cameras for the good ones, and for the protection of everyone involved. He did a great job staying on target ot hitting his partners. Fantastic job.

MudduckLuxator says:

Man, that's a tough backdrop. Two civilians and a couple LEOs.

Bryan Purdy says:

I now have a totally different respect for police because of badge cams. I've seen some videos where I barely have enough time to see what happens, let alone react. Sometimes they have less than a second to make a life-altering decision. Thank you to all those out there who risk there lives daily to keep us safe. You don't get the respect you deserve. o7

King Bora Beats says:

Bro looks 10 years younger, great job covering your health asp.

Taylor Howard says:

I'd love to see all the anti cop retards put in a simulation exactly like this. The attacker has a stun gun which adds a sense of danger. Then let them try and aim for the arm, BUT they have to first identify if the weapon is actually a stun gun or a fake one.

James Reck says:

Was that suicide by cop?

antmen5435 says:

I'm glad they bring the facts. we have scum in law enforcement as much as anywhere else

Ken Murphy says:

John, to answer your question, I absolutely have increased respect for those officers (and any professionals) who wear functional badge/body cams, and leave them turned on for the duration of their shifts.

Transparency guarantees justice. You always speak very highly of police. Many police are honorable; some are not. Even your average transaction at the grocery store is recorded for purposes of transparency and documenting FACTS, not wishful thinking and/or convenient spins, but unalterable fact.

Before an excellent chief took over, the PD from my old town removed even the dash-cams from their cruisers. Use of force incidents were way too high (4x what they are now that cameras are in place).

There came an incident in which an officer flagrantly lied about a matter of fact against me. I mean his report diametrically opposed what happened in truth and reality to the point his lies were literally criminal.

My attorney even doubted me. I told him the sole, unequivocal way to determine whose account was factual was to subpoena the dash cam video. The attorney informed me that these officers removed all dashcams. I was shocked. Why would honest men not want a record of factual happenings? The attorney informed me these men were not honest and cared nothing about my high-minded ideal of absolute truth prevailing for alll, including police.

Video recordings will vindicate and protect all innocent people, especially honest police officers. We had a scenario in my hometown in which a subject claimed an officer searching his car (a) stole $700 from the center console and (b) overlooked a rifle in his trunk. Body cam cleared the officer of both acts of wrongdoing by irrefutable and honest photographic evidence.

Transparency is mandatory for all professions, especially those whose choices have such grave impact on others' lives. My doctor video recorded a nasal cavity procedure. My oil change place records the oil change.

Frugal Fishing Fundamentals says:

The cameras are great. Giving the officer control of the camera is not.

Dust Crane says:

Much respect

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