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One hit knockout. Self defence on the street. #selfdefence #powerpunch #fight #boxing #fighter

Wh #selfdefence #powerpunch #fight #boxing #streetfighter #fighter #boxingtraining #boxingworkout #boxingtechniques #boxingskills en striking, remove your head from the line of attack☝️


@valentinruiz7870 says:

Thank you for commenting on your boxing ideas 😉 and your name is very similar to mine!!! I am Valentin from Mexico!!!!!

@muawiyahjaffer7546 says:

Why would someone wear gloves in street fight💀

@jarekswiatecki4851 says:

Tak Adamek załatwił czagajewa

@matias_verzi says:

este que se hace! te quiero ver pelear con alguien de verdad

@asil9935 says:

Which point of the face sir?

@IZSNP says:

Fun facy: the guy in the grey coat was the same guy who burned the quran in sweden

@TheKickboxingCommunity says:

Lol. Just go for the Jon Jones eye poke

@ddonlee says:

Very good presentation. 👍

@sharedogminiatures4688 says:

Mucka inte med Salwan.

@johnd1466 says:

Charlie Zelenoff grew a beard, became a Muslim & moved to Sweden… now he’s making a comeback 😂

@MrSliskarn says:

The dude that burned the Quran in sweden

@sebastiangalera9494 says:

Bandera Argentina 👏👏

@saborkhowajazada3673 says:

That shiti guy in the video burned Quran in Stockholm Sweden, that´s why the another guy tries to fight him

@navnav1684 says:

The guy wit the gloves would fuck u up too

@AnsamMohammed-wo9dw says:

So i dont have nothing to do so i am gonna tell you why the guy with gloves was going to hit the guy wearing a blazer. So basically the guy with blazer is arab and the other guy is also an arab and i think this was in a ararbic country (a muslim country) the guy with the blazer goes live on tiktok and burns the Qur'an (muslim's holy book) for views nad he made people so mad he burnt the book over and over till one day he was gonna do it and the guy with the gloves saw him (the guy with gloves is a muslim) and went up to him with Boxing gloves and told him "come on lets play since you play with the Qur'an like that" than the guy with the blazer was backing of and shouting at him then the guy with gloves started punching him he didn't punch him that hard but yeah, its so annoying cuz he does it for views (the guy with the blazer) so dont hate the guy with the gloves 😅

@Smail-ko8ft says:

et tu viens t'a empaler, contre la la droite de t'on adversaire…

@Smail-ko8ft says:

Faux ? tu perds ton pied d'appui !!!

@MM-jr5sr says:

He is the one that have been burning the koran in Sweden. This is actually one of those times.

@jean4003 says:

Pour pouvoir le faire

@FG-edits says:

You will break upur hand

@shawnboy1971 says:

Thats my favorite punch that he demonstrates ! Power transfer… Boom

@user-ri4pf4zp9d says:

Зур ака ундай УРСА одамни камаб юборадику

@adamglynn2412 says:

heavy bags dont hit back or get kod dummy.

@WestPicturesStudio says:

well-known plastic fighter

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