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Womens Self Defense by @KingBach

Follow me on Twitter/Instagram @KingBach Starring: Derek Watson and Sarah Sunshine Written by Andrew Bachelor Directed by Kyle Morrison Produced by Alexandra Kauffman and Jon Lesane Cinematography…


Bart Baker says:

If you ain’t subbed to Bach FUCKING sub !!!! GRATATA

wadafefe says:

if all that was still a thing this would be one of their skits 

KingsThroneTV says:

That plan was a lot better in his head. lol

thedutchprunes says:

Reminds of the In Living Color show from back in the day……..awesome!

jayjaycorleone says:

who the hell are the 34 ppl who disliked this ?????????! :o

BIELS1 says:

Good work Bach! Love the voice…reminds me of Jim Carrey for some reason. 

thisvthattv says:

He definitely did not put anything on their lips, but it was till funny.

CaptainCaptainZach says:


ThatGai .Sensei says:

lol batch is a genius and all his videos are hilarious…well def be a star
one day… keep working

crownlessking101 says:

Amazing lol

Young King Charles says:

I’m I the only that wished he got away with it >_>

Abreham Gebreegziabher says:


Jaco XCIV says:

Jim Carrey In Living Color 

DiddyTheKong says:

Bach is such an amazing actor!! You should be on the big screen as well

Gregory Dixon Jr says:

Sounds like denzel with a Lil elmer fudd

Zion Peters says:


Aaron Hinojosa says:


CantStandEmTv says:

Check Out My Comedy Music

Tawana Madzikanda says:

Can’t believe this video has only 53k views err body is busy fucking

z MoB says:

lmaooooo 2stronk

malikasingz says:

Lmfao this should be a miniseries, great work Bach! 

Demetrius Richardson says:

this dude a fool with it

Kelvin Khoa says:

Did anyone notice he didnt “attack” the green bikini girl there :O.

Madison Harris says:

Yes i will !!!!!!SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

dylfrancois says:

Lol good work. 

Franklin Galletti says:

Nice hair nice top nice this nice that lmao this guy is hilarious 

NeboNego says:

He’s like the black Jim Carey!

Aaron Serbone says:

Bach should get an Oscar for this shit

Narissa B says:

Glad to see you’re back with the YouTube videos. Your stuff is really good.

Hylton Carboo says:


Marquis Thibodeaux says:

He resembles messi sort of

jamel0901 says:

Damn Bach funny as hell for this one

Ryan Hicks says:

Dude so funny

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