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Officer Found Not Guilty In Questionable Deadly Force Use

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Active Self Protection says:

For those saying he should have shot him in the legs, no. Stop. Leg shots are a bad idea. Here are three reasons why:

Jim Erickson says:


oilfortheworld says:

So many words. A Cop shoot the trash and he is dead OK end.

Quick Stepz says:

Americans need to learn the ENGLISH Dictionary, not the American one.

Stop might be a word you might want to learn.

He said kill me! changing the words to don't move, ain't going to change his mind.

Should have shot earlier when you had better aim, to shoot out some legs.

oilfortheworld says:

What a shit Gun!!!

RuthlessTony says:

Boy is lucky it was a one and done. Took him a decade to clear that thing. Other than that, that was clean.

Craving Cheddar says:

The officer sounds so scared

Paul SC says:

John, do you agree that the round that jammed his gun sounded weak? It sounded like a low powder round, and that's why it didn't eject fully

sed6 says:

Your IFAK sign up is busted…

lacruiser says:

Clothes were too thick for a tazer. No room to back up, too many obstacles behind him and with the guy walking toward him no time to look. The outcome was the only outcome.

Curtis Flynn says:

Good shoot.

Shirosake says:

This is why you don't cut stupid windows and shit in carry guns. If that guy was armed or didn't get a square hit, the officer would have been toast.

James Diaz says:

This is why I can’t be a police officer; how is that not justified with just a look a the bodycam?! Now this cop has’ to go to court and spend money & his own time.. tough job with low pay, jeez! Still good outcome overall & great police work.

J R says:

Hey John, long time subscriber here. I'm sorry….I do not see any reason at all to use deadly force in this instance. I heard all the lead up to and initial priming of the situation and still, I can not get myself to understand this officers undisciplined decision. I have spoken to my leo friends and less than leathal would have been primary option due to.1) Hands are in plain sight and empty. 2) Mental issues from the start was obvious by the guy calling for a suicide by cop. 3) There was no immediate sign of a deadly threat. What I see from the video is that this officer was new and untrained. He seemed nervous and unseasoned. I believe his fear of the situation, nerves, and adrenalin got the best of him. Not Not defending the perp here, in any way…… but also can't justify the use of deadly force in this one. Thanks John, keep them coming.

Amos Tutuola says:

Why did he shoot him in the heart? Unnecessary death…

Tadd Spencer says:

If the police truly knew how to self defend, shooting an unarmed person wouldn't be necessary at all, it's obvious in soooooo many scenarios I've seen of unarmed perps in lethal shootings the police could have and should have used self defense instead of lethal force. So many police are not trained properly and it shows and people are losing their lives because of it, and every time they say it's justified….I don't see any killing of an unarmed man justified at all, and if people do they are complete idiots.

skankhunt 45 says:

Keep track of where all these terrorists live in your area then when hopefully in our lifetime another country like Russia or China invades we can give them the addresses.

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