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NYPD Officers Take Casual Approach To Shooting Suspect

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True Scary Stories says:

just imagine spending the next 30 years in prison over an erradic decision you just made.

Michael Treu says:

Lmao nothing casual once the shooting starts! The New York cops shoot the entire doorframe out and don't touch the perp. 🤣🤣🤣 The perp takes like 2 shots and scores 2 hits. I see where the discipline is lol.

The SpyHunter says:

These officers would make great Imperial Stormtroopers!

LetoZeth says:

How about one officers stays at the bottom of the stairs with a gun drawn to cover.
After all, this was a call about a shooting.

The SpyHunter says:

In their defense, people are rarely shot or killed in the city.

The Nasty says:

“Hey, are you the dude who called us because you’re bleeding to death, or are you the dude with the gun who shot someone?” 🤡🤡🤡

TheBestYouTubeVideosAndYouCantSeeThem says:

After years of dealing with BS, that’s what’s left on the NYPD.

Safia Zad says:

He did the right thing when he turn his body little bit to avoid the shots

Spanky Harland says:

New York cops need more range practice….

Charlie Ennis says:

A dozen shots and zero hits, wow

Ethan Shepley says:

Really poor police work. Walking up to an apartment without your hand on your gun? Inattentive. Just bad.

Not Me says:

Nice to see that door propped open in the beginning. Making sure they have somewhere to go if things go south

Creeper 247 says:

Why didn’t these cops tell the perp to keep his hands where they could see them???

Scott Russell says:

The second officer almost shot his partner

David Bea says:


Tommy Sands says:

NYC is a shithole

Tactical Hobo says:

Holy crap! Stairs are a death trap!


Perp- I’ll walk out with a gun in my and put a rug on my head. They won’t know who am and I’m hiding good.

Kyle S says:

Imagine this being your line of work but the state requires you to have a vaccination shot for your safety.

Escaped from New York says:

New York's finest, lol 😂

I am a lifelong New Yorker and just moved to the midwest this spring. I can tell you the vast majority of New York cops are…..well, they're a motley bunch is the best I can say.

If you're looking for a bunch of uneducated, largely overweight and out of shape jokers, this is the place. I personally grew up with a LOT of guys who ended up on the NYPD and these weren't the dudes I'd want to be cops. And it's gotten worse. The NYSP a different group.

I see the LAPD on TV and on this channel and they just look so much fitter and professional looking. I don't know if they're empty between the ears or not, but they look better.

Don't understand why people watch TV shows about the NYPD. Better off watching the Simpsons.

Zarkow says:

NYPD in a nutshell.

FaultLine says:

They're responding to a call with the knowledge of the suspect having a gun, who already used the gun and they still have their guards on the low.

Lucky none of them caught a bullet in the brain. Because it could've easily turned that way.

Peter Sylvester says:

How are Mike's piles now John?

Gerry S says:

Dont tell me….. He was black? Am I right?

Goretor says:

Nice shooting. Not!!!

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