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The More Time You Have, The More Choices You Get

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Rossi Merry says:

I had a real strange encounter I was walking home around 11pm and I saw someone stood on a street corner with there hood up not really doing anything I thought there probably cold but I'll keep a eye out, after I walked past them they started to follow me, I was a little concerned because they weren't moving until I got passed them but I was still pretty calm, I thought I'll cross the road there isn't a path just houses on the side of a road, to my surprise they crossed aswell and started picking up the pace I was instantly aware they wanted me so before they were able to get to close, I turned around and confronted them, I said "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!" I made myself appear pretty confident when I'm not confident at all, I was hoping it would be a miss understanding or someone I knew playing a joke but, what really freaked me was he stood there looking shocked from his eyes I could see he had a full face cover and after looking startled he instantly turned 180° and walked off at that moment I was really glad I had the awarness to turn around and act confident I remember what John says, "there looking for a victim, not a fight" thanks John I think you saved me from who knows what, thank you.

le rempart midnight says:

I hate that people this days cant even run for their lire without falling down like 2 mètres away … That is pathetic

John Foley says:

If you are ALONE and on a sidewalk and someone is approaching GO to the other side of the street. College grad in Philly just got shot dead on sidewalk for no reason. If you are ALONE and hear a Car or motorcycle, make sure you duck out of their vision somehow, get away. Alone=PREY.

Walker J says:

I’m going to Argentina this summer for a Spanish Emerson program. Every vid that comes out of Argentina just sways me the other way.

Bongo Bob says:

Thx guys 👍🇺🇸👍

po18guy says:

Don't live in Brazil. If you do, don't walk. If you walk, carry your gun. In your hand. After the shooting, run away – no authorities will ever look for you.

Luz Valencia says:

Who falls down running for their lives

charles diep says:

Victim was indeed wearing headphones… can see it in the end when he runs off

Anthony Brunelli says:

i wouldve moved out of the way and knocked those mofos off that bike and went to work. yes ,im serious.

some random guy says:


Democracy Manifest says:

Parasites. Only thing they deserve is decomposing 6 feet under

Joseph Saeteurn says:

with no weapon, there is NOTHING he can even do if he saw them coming and has time..

LuminousPath13 says:

That’s maybe the cleanest jack I’ve ever seen. They didn’t even hurt the mark, really.

It’s messed up but I kinda have to give props to the thieves on this one. 🤷‍♂️

Robert Nance says:

I’m sorry I’ve gotta correct you they just didn’t kick him over . He turn around to run and tripped over the curb and fell down. But they did kick him in the Buttocks. Other than that great video thanks for the insight

chucks edwin says:

This victim has zero surviving instinct. Zero awareness where he is walking to the point he was kicked by a guy on a bike. 🤦

MrCobra83 says:

Always remember this no matter where you are in the world there’s predators and they are watching your every move. So pack a pistol like I do.

James Charles says:

An OC spray probably would not be very affective with motorcycle helmets on.

Charlie-Tango Motors says:

This channel has taught me that the "trip and fall" from various horror movie chase scenes is real and non gender specific.

john red e says:

Honestly I would of put shots on all of them forget tryna find a weapon, 4 dudes at night pulling up on me on bikes getting 💥💥💥I’ve seen the Brazilian vids

Mamun says:

This is why you live in dubai, Saudi, Qatar etc.

Dog lover JB says:

society needs laws that multiple people committing a crime together get 10 yrs added to their sentence .

dirtwhisperer says:

I've been watching this channel for a long time and I have come to realize something. If possible just run away when you are getting robbed or shot at or knifed. In most of these videos it looks like the criminals are not going to bother chasing someone down. If they are shooting just your action of running and dodging will probably make them miss.

raga giovani says:

Had 2 cars follow me home the other night I backed into my driveway put the car back in drive and watch the first car slowly roll pass me as I was not coming out, the second car sat like a house down watching waiting for me to exit the car I still didn't so they speed off as soon as I got out the car with my son and got to the door the first car came speeding back up the block but they were too late we were already in the house. Attention bought me time and options! Thank you John.

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