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Multiple Attackers Make A Situation Harder To Handle

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Derrick Whittaker says:

Nice 99 reference.

Brandon Abbott says:

The ole fruit stand bandits at it again

MrJag408 says:

Looks like SonMan is gonna make a full recovery. DadMan will be on the lookout for GunMan and GrabMan from now on.

GRB Major says:

If you engage with one bad guy, expect two. If there are 2 bad guys expect 3. 3 bad guys look for 4………

Dardania Lion says:

Thank God they were not cold blood killers. They just wanted easy money.

Shady Shinichi says:

I'm amazed at the amount of men wearing flip flops…

Alwyn Dellow says:

It was good how one of the sons twisted the other robber in front of the gunman. If he shot again.. would have got his brother.

inlovewithi says:

2:36 that woman ran like such a girl.

Dean OBrien says:

I am going to Brazil in December 😂😂 let’s hope I don’t come across some fruit robbers with guns

Zoe Life says:

they still suffered losses. fools trashed the place.

Zoe Life says:

2 fools ….. roll up in a robbery in flip flops, expecting success.

teeminator30 says:

No injuries my butt. Look at those poor smashed up fruits 🍉 🍎 🍌 😢

James Whitaker says:

So, let us know in the comments which fruit or vegetable would you choose as an environmental weapon?

_aaaa says:

their first mistake was not being off-duty when the attack came

Insightful Entertainment says:

Ahh yess.. John and John alone, this video eases my mind. If John ever goes so do I.

Bob Skinner says:

Oh no! We are being robbed! Quick! Get the stick!

J smith says:

Just make sure your order is insured. I have a few friends who have had their ammo 'lost' during delivery.

King Doc says:

Fruits look good 🙂

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