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Man Threatens To Pepper Spray Worker Not Wearing A Mask

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James Autry says:

This is what liberal media doing the deeds of the left has done to people, they have people scared to death and paranoid to the point they feel they have the right to assault people

Monarchias says:

Another virology scam believer! I've already figured out where virology is lying! The internet has all the knowledge and papers and documents and books!

Sheikh Da'if says:

Liberalism is a mental disorder

Jo Mama says:

He probably thought the scanner was a laser weapon. Too many sci fi movies.


And they were calling us "conspiracy theorists" lmao.

Cowboy says:

If somebody tried to pepper spray me for not wearing a mask I would pepper them with jhp (jalapeño hot pepper)

Esteban Flores says:

My boy John looking clean 🔥 I see the cut

Ares0025 says:

john looks like he has being helt hostage for several months and just escaped before this video

Jordan Westergreen says:

9.95 for a Costco pizza 😵

Neon Buzzards says:

He probably gets 5 boosters a week.

Lew Falo says:

Get out of spray range, and throw cans of food at him.

Daily Doser says:

Of COURSE its California.

Kurt M says:

The Branch Covidians strike again

Dude M says:

just another covid karen.
just another loser without a life, trying to make people as miserable as he is.

Tammy Despain says:

these are the people who would turn you in to the nazis.

Sun of Saturn says:

You can tell from his body language he isn’t bright

David S says:

I just bought 1,000 rounds of Magtech to see what's up

Hector Martinez says:

Ok, I’m just gonna come out and say it. John needs a haircut!

Michael öhlund says:

Yeah you can give space, but threaten others is pretty crazy!

Michiganborn says:

If misuse of pepper spray is illegal, does that mean I need to stop using it on my hash browns?
BTW, $10 for a large pizza is a great deal.

Barrelbum101 says:

People like this are so STUPID and brainwashed!! I bet they’re sick with the China flu after their 19th jab.

zoniken【ぞにけん】 says:

2020-2022 was hell in Japan. Old people back then were naming themselves as cops and threatened people for just being outside whether wearing a mask or not, even those whose using smartphones while walking, and just for making sounds that's not even that noisy. I've been victimized by those insane old folks; they stated that they're the laws and threatened me to pay criminal debts for stupid reasons. I've heard they even attacked houses as their justice.
Thankfully real cops arrested these bastards for good, but they still don't regret and kept saying they'll threat for their justice.
Remember, never respect those elders who love to live as a jackass.

Hansemann Luchter says:

Branch Covidian masktards stupidity never ceases to amaze me.
They actually believe those facenappies work against virus, despite at least 50 years of studies showing they have no effect.

Brian West says:

6:24 The guy is wearing a valved mask, so he's all about protection for himself but not others. (Which is fine for those today when they don't need to be protecting others, but not when you're demanding that others protect you.)

One Time says:

Hey John, how bout trimming down some of that beard my

Logan bourbon says:

John lovin the hair man

JMBroductions says:

Did you use Pepper 🌶️ Spray for this video to achieve the best darn Jheri curl non-wearing mask review? Bruh?!

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