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Self Defence In Canadian Law

Mike Kruse discusses what ‘self defence’ means in a legal sense. More information on using reasonable force to defend yourself or your property: Call us at 1-800-699-0806 for a free and no-obligation consultation. We can help.


Duncan Kong says:

I think carrying a fork with you is good enough…

Zkiphier says:

I remember when i was in high school and a cop was talking in a presentation and im not joking.
literally told everyone if someone is going to punch you, just catch it with your face.

like what kind of moron would just stand there and get their own a** handed.
If someone breaks into your home with a firearm, get ready because unless you feel like going bankrupt defending yourself and dealing with the court fees Is almost better to just die in your own home.
Don't believe me?
Google Edouard Maurice. He didn't even kill a man, shot warming shots to some kid who tried to brake in and burn his house down.
Yes, discharging a firearm in a restricted area is a reasonable charge, but for careless use of a firearm, pointing a firearm and aggravated assault. His charges was dropped but is still getting sued for $100,000 for injuring the freaking guy who tried to brake into his home and burn it to the ground.

If you want to defend yourself, go get a green card, a firearms license depending on what state you're planning on going to and shot whoever breaks into your home.
You might get detained and questioned, but you're considered innocent until proven guilty.
don't want to even think about shooting someone in your home?
well that's something else, in the states they have less than lethal pepper spray paintball guns, rubber less than lethal 6.8mm rubber ball launchers, tasers, if you want i don't recommend an ar-15 with a can cannon with blank ammo could be self-defence for god’s sake.
but in Canada self-defence with reasonable force is usually no force.Tasers they're prohibited for civilian use, no pepper spray, it's prohibited.
wanna use a paint ball gun? nope. You're just using a paintball gun intending to harm. Keep a bat next to your bed at night, same thing.
at-least in the United States of America you can stand your ground rather than being a cash machine that's expendable in the Canadian government's eyes.

would love for someone to prove me wrong

Alexandros Achilleas says:

Not being able to defend yourself in Canada is the most ridiculous thing on this planet invented by liberal bureaucrats. Only a North American 2 Amendment ( USA + Canada) will change all that. Being able to defend yourself…protect your family and property is a God given right. The government of Canada is infringing peoples rights. Wake up.

OsamaBinLooney says:

unlike America though Canadians do not have a right to bear arms of ANY kind
so if you are carrying a weapon of ANY kind solely for the purpose of self defense and you never use it to hurt others and never intend to use it to hurt others, you are still breaking the law
the law in Canada is HEAVILY weighted to favor criminals…

seeya205 says:

It's not the punishment you have to worry about, it's the process! $$$

S says:

I'm pretty sure the government and powers-that-be have their own self defense mechanisms but thats not allowing that for civilians its BULLSHIT!

J Mk says:

Hear me out but we need more open gun laws if u really think about it criminals don’t give a shit about open carry if they can hide it but regular people with licensed guns font dare to bring there guns out cuz they kno it’s not allowed in these situations what use does it make having licensed gun owners when they can’t bring they’re guns out but criminals can just go rogue if they want with how easy it is to get an illegal gun I’m 14 I can get a glock in 2 seconds change the laws if criminals are gonna be the only ones bringing guns out what is that helping if people are licensed gun owners then have be able to open carry in my eyes it’s a lot safer

Ch34pskate 1 says:

Great video sir. Thanks for your knowledge.

A video of personal rights to protect entry to personal property including home and vehicle would be great.

Wolf Heart says:

I still got locked up for day, bail for 1 year, (probation office every 2 weeks). Home searched, i was assaulted by the person… and then the crown dropped the charges 1 month before trial. How is this fair….

Xavier-Micha Mark-Cousineau says:

That was very helpful. Thank you for taking some of your time to share this information.

BoutiqueBuds Co. says:

Canada is under the crown of England still? Lol 😂 So basically it’s communist, no free speech. How sad 😔

Bigbadscar says:

Thanks for making such a short and concise video!

Aaron Oosterhoff says:

Great explanation

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