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Man Puts Gun On TABLE While Robbing Pizza Shop

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orion 2250 says:

I carry against policy.I’ve had to use it.corporate looked the other way

Ricky Gillin says:

Was he willing to kill for some hot and ready

Robert Alexander says:

However the Lord leads.

Asma Miller says:

Fired or buried?
Seems an easy question to answer.

Snakehunter10mm says:

Carry against corporate policy all day long. I've sat through too many "if you're robbed, do this…" or "run hide resist" (I kid you not, that was active shooter training at one job site years ago). You are your own hero.

And nobody needs to know either. If you wear cargo pants, a pocket holster with a subcompact all day. Tell. No. One.

Peter H says:


Benny B says:

No one died , if one of those employee's had a gun and got out and a shoot prevails then thre could easily be one of the workers killed. Why do u Americans push for evertom dick and harry to hae a gun . Its. Ridiculous. It usulky always works ok when one person doesnt have a gun .

k says:

unless your company will provide employees with armed security, carry . Its up to you to protect yourself no one is coming to save you

Tom E. Long says:

If the company is not willing to provide enough protection to keep it's employees safe.
There is no reason to follow that rule.
It's like when a company forces it's workers to take an ethics class, when everyone know the company doesn't have any ethics.

Kevin M says:

I stopped working at these walk in and rob us places right after college. While doing this, I wasn't making enough money to buy a decent handgun. I have changed that situation since then, and what my employer doesn't know won't hurt him/ her/ them.

TheGoodWolf says:

Who the fuck robs a pizza joint at gunpoint!!! hahahahah wow man you gotta be kidding me, you coulda went in and just said you were robbing the place they'd have given you the $80 in the till bro

Snitches and Rats says:

Corporate policy can eat my poop 💩

⸸XDeathMetalThrasherX⸸ says:

Robbing a Little Caesars lol They don't even carry that much money

Big Country says:

John I quote you almost daily and 1 thing I have taken from every one of your videos is that I am morally obligated to refuse to stand idly by as someone hurts the people I care about. My company will terminate you for carrying on the job. I will deal with those consequenses when they arise because I carry every day. No one knows.

Ray Duke says:

I would absolutely carry without permission

Corey Evans says:

It's your right to do so and I think if Ultimately if you use it like a sane sober moral prudent person then I don't see the problem in it and to take it a step further even prohibited pocessors (depending on circumstance and prosecutor); if in a self defense case they typically don't prosecute for you having the gun initially. My question for ASP is if you're prohibited pocessor and say you live in a bad neighborhood. What do you do to protect yourself? I know it is a slippery slope because I think life comes before law but also life is all about law and order. I can't possess, and I choose not too but recently, I was shot multiple times while being robbed in my apartment building. I obviously moved but now I'm more nervous than before.I have always been vigilant but now I'm borderline paranoid. I caught my felony at 18 years old and I'm 34 now. What are my option to have that security.

Robert Alexandre says:

I carry everywhere that I'm legally allowed to carry. 😉

jetliorigami says:

Only way they will know if I'm breaking policy is if I pull my gun…. and that means one or more lives were saved. I'd trade my job to save a life

Guess Who says:

companies not protecting their employees have no right to say no if their actively avoiding keeping their staff safe

Stephanie Runyon says:

Why did he even go there? He didn't take anything?

Troy Ross says:

😂😂First of all, glad nobody was hurt, very dangerous situation. But, what an "end of the rope" robber! LOL he was like, "eh I don't want to carry all that, nevermind ya'll!"


Screw "Corporate Policy"…

Chris Clancy says:

puts gun on table. "Give me all the pepperonis"


Will the Corp pay for my medical bills or funeral? Carry at work yes…one life many jobs!

Dan's Learning Curve says:

I was waiting for one of the employees to drop him!

yackawaytube says:

Why did he rob a pizza shop?
Because it was full of dough.

blaine wilson says:

Society needs to ban guns in today's society, you city humans are nothin but human hunters ,your not hunters at all your reality is so pathetic n sickening,your only a coward with a pistol,a real man doesn't carry a pistol ,only the biggest of cowards

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