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Locals Step In To Help Cop In Trouble

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Mike Franks says:

The officer decided to take him down himself rather than getting the assistance of his force multiplier. When he approached him you could see the officer backing away …when that type of body language is happening you need to unclip your force multiplier. The perp was advancing on him – that is a key indicator to put your guard hand out other on gun, order him to stay where he is and if not back up with a gun pointed center mass and give many verbal warnings before engaging the target. What if those good citizens weren’t there or did not care? You must choose the certain path/protocol.

Aced Maverick says:

I wouldn’t step in just because I don’t want to get shot myself. At the same time if there was multiple people maybe

AffordaP says:

Step in and help 100%

keith shaw says:

I most definitely would not. And not because I wouldn’t be willing but I’ve just seen way too many officers yell and scream at people for coming within 50 feet of a struggling officer regardless of weather or not they’re trying to help.

Dean says:

i'm in. of course we would help, it's a no brainer.

Darwin Darwin says:

I have issues with the UK police but I just couldn’t help jumping in to help if they were on their own.

Krav Stema says:

He’s too soft for this job

chevytechb says:

Yes yes yes step in

BlueOxDiesel says:

Absolutely I would help

Rachel Bridges says:

Yes, I even would help the officer. I think people who are good are compelled to help in anyway they can.

AYGaming says:

Something good happening in my little ol town. sort of.

Cuchulain2001AD says:

Back home in Ireland in the past I would have assisted. Now after this Covid cockwhackery I'm not so sure. They now seem to be the government's bully boys.

TheAutisticGamer says:

If its in the uk i would just walk away

wiire time says:

Ever since I had a cop jus stare and watch as me and my friends got jumped and all they did was yell stop that stop that while I got my nose broke and my head cracked open didn't even draw a gun or anything just let these guys beat out ass cause they were scared and out numbered then when me and my friend complained to the Lt we go some line about how the police aren't obligated to protect you and pulls up some court case where its been determined and says sorry but yea bye. Since then I don't care I would sit on the hood of my car and just watched forget him. Say what you want I don't care it's the way I feel

Sharyl Frey says:

Oh I would help absolutely 😉

David Stone says:

Absolutely would step in and pretty sure there are lots of folks who would do likewise, and it’s perfectly fine if bystanders made themselves safe and filled the role of observant witness and chose not to step in. Unfortunately, lately we have seen more & more bystanders who chose to step in as an impediment to the officer, making everyone less safe.

Christopher Smith says:

Step In and set an example …

Kev Efe says:

I can see a 🐧 no it's not a pigeon it is a penguin 🐧 no it's is a pigeon 🐦

John Lawrence says:


Robert Sanders says:

The folks helping was great if he was black that would have went that way

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