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LAPD Offers Suspect Less-Lethal Buffet

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Michael Kehler says:

What was that shotgun racked with pixie dust?

lagoonlane says:

This excessive verbalization and reluctance to use force will eventually lead to innocent people getting killed. If it hasn't already.

Michael Lundy says:

perp: what's a hand?🤣

brain lopez says:

60% of the time it works 100% of the time.

TNOutdoorsGuy says:

is it an all you can eat buffet

tom parker says:


kiquian 2voy says:

thats rack em willy

ratagris21 says:

Suspect under the influence of goofenthal. ♠️🎩☯️🏁

Elephants Painting Elephants says:

A buffet indeed

Elephants Painting Elephants says:

A buffet indeed

Jack Harper says:

One of the problems might be the fact that tent cities exist in a fairly developed country.

Sib's Art says:

I know it's for safety, but how much are officers trained to physically attack or tackle an open suspect?

Just Chris says:

Bean bags and first Taser (Chop chop chop) Second Taser (Timberrrrrrr) <—– shouts when he fell like a tree

Jordan Reed says:

If you think this is something, there’s a video of a small female police officer shooting a giant suspect 11 times before he proceeds to chase her around the parking lot and assault her before dropping dead 🤯

Debi Andrews says:

I recently got a Byrna….an un-gun launcher. I think in these kind of situations it would be perfect. Shoots pepper and solid kinetic rounds…. can really put somebody out of commission for several minutes! Please check it out on YouTube. Love to see some videos of it in action. Some police departments are using it as an alternative to more lethal weapons.

Nate Mofield says:

Brandon's America….

Juan Gallardo says:

Looped up on something was funny.

kakrot3 says:

Cops @1:58 be like WTF!

Irvine Spiegel says:

Dude was tired of living in a tent, and pan handling for food.
He decided to get himself free room and board, with 24/7 armed security.

Elver Galarga says:

No one showed this guy how to use the taser!!!

Don F says:

Yeah but… all the po-po want to do is shoot people… supposedly. Man, it is unbelievable how long they worked with that man. And, they STILL took him down with less-than-lethal. And, in LA. Thinking… just thinking… the police actually DON'T want to shoot people, unless there is NO other option. WOW Of course, THIS type of take-down will NEVER see the light of day on MSM. It doesn't fit…………………………………….

amir shake says:

Good cops, unlike some who would have killed him.

Cameron Gore says:

Wow still didn't kill him 👏

Aghate Wahedi says:

If a taser works, it simply works. Bzzzzzttttt and done. IF.

Memphis 2 Houston says:

Salute to these officers 💪💪💪💪💪💪

Skyler Terry says:

Whoulda thunk that if you stick all the drug addicts and weirdos in a tent city, crazy shits gonna happen ?

Zach F says:

I think officers need to be quicker to use less lethal. Before the suspect forces them to use lethal later.

Zach F says:

They should do this more often. Use less lethal before they’re provoked / forced to use lethal later.

jay foreman says:

I understand that police can't be this patient in every situation but here they seemed to be very professional and deserve to be praised.


Did the hombre speak English? All I know is "quita la ropa" Try that. You will be able to observe the response.

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