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Konstantinovka Self-defense got to start soviet tank



Truth666 says:

Ukraine: Citizens were already disarmed long before the actor in the role
of suicide bomber president Yanukovich fully detonated, by “fleeing to
Russia”, Feb 2014.
Before that the illuminati had distributed some weapons to useful idiots,
assigned a supporting role in the cast of the staged “revolution”, lead by
professionals previously trained by NATO.
March 2014:
Interim Ukrainian Government announced that all citizens were to be
disarmed. The deadline for turning in all weapons was set for the very next
But for now the citizens are still allowed to keep their weapons, on one
condition: that they join the country’s National Guard or the Army.
The following Nazi legislation included:
– banning russian, the mother language of more than 20 million ukrainians
or half of the population.
– closing the border with Russia to males aged 18 to 65.

Maria Engström says:

Is this an IS-3 (ИС-3)? 

xfgher says:

Cool IS-3 , but seriously outdated stuff only will attract rockets…
wouldn’t want to sit in this thing

Jon Doe says:

Why don’t Russia give u guys a couple tanks I’m sure they got some they can

sumadijaboy says:


Ian Miles says:

Clearly it is to be returned to service in the Russian Army. 

Samvel Martirosyan says:


Sergio Grande says:

пизда движку.

Юпитер Доктор Зло says:

Вот это да)

Tim says:

I think a belt is rubbing

Rototornik says:


Pavel J says:

Разви мы могли когда-то подумать, что эти танки нам пригодятся сеичас.

TeaMan True says:

наследие предков) деды воевали и нам оставили

Василий Алибабаевич says:

Чуваки, в парке Победы ещё одна “тройка” стоит, угоняйте!

Остров Крым says:

Пиздец хохлам!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Николай Николаевич says:

Всё верно! Старый конь борозды не испортит!

Евгений Рф says:

Ну все, еще для него, снаряды нарыть и ехать 64ки нагибать.

Юрий Грабаров says:

масла жрет поди кучу)) дымит маслишком видно

Вася Васин says:

Могли наши деды, подумать, когда ставили этот танк на пьедистал, что ему
опять придется сражаться с фашистами?..

Ale30san says:

Сколько лет простоял, а завелся. Даа, предки наши все делали на века.

Стоп .Фашизм says:

У меня через дорогу почти такой же стоит Пойти тоже что ли завеси и помочь


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