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Knuckle-Bustin' Boxing Tricks | Self Defense Moves | FightFast

What’s better than a defense with some teeth? In a self defense situation you should always be looking to inflict pain on your attacker as quickly as possible. This changes the psychological dynamic from offense to defense in the attackers mind. As soon as you are hurt more than your victim from a strike the shift is unavoidable. Aside from the psychological effect a defensive move that has teeth gives you an opening to take the initiative and control of the situation. In this self defense lesson, Mark Hatmaker shows you a very simple knuckle busting block that stops an incoming punch, while inflicting pain and also upsets the attacker’s base. Mastering this technique does 3 things, protects you from the strike, inflicts pain (especially if you have a fist load), and upsets their base. This is a high value technique that anyone interested in self defense should learn. Get your TRS EDC Tactical Torch Kit Here: If you liked this video and want to learn more simplified self defense subscribe to our channel by clicking here: Want to boost your self defense skills quickly? Start by watching our advanced fundamentals playlist: For over 30 years Threat Response Solutions and have been dedicated to teaching average people quick learn self defense techniques that actually work in a real life street fight. Our instruction works against larger, stronger, more aggressive opponents. To do this we’ve sought out the most experienced combat experts in the world, guys whose lives depend on their techniques actually working. Our instructors include former US and Israeli Special Forces soldiers, cage fighters, notorious street fighters, bar-room bouncers, and grizzled beat cops. If you want to learn from the best most experienced fighters in the world you are in the right place. Visit to learn more. Find us on facebook: Instagram: @TRSsurvival


Wade Campbell says:

My opinion matters.

Pat Mark says:

Pray an act of perfect contrition everyday

Bangedup says:

Go Comanche Nation.

Victor Anchondo says:

GOOD STUFF!!! As Bruce Lee used to say " you like the technique, take it, it's yours "👍✊✌

BodaBoom BigAl says:

Matt man you have grown your hair since Karate College! Way to stay in the game!

Nelson Glinton says:

A lot of what's new on this channel isn't new to me, but this channel is very informative for people who are seeking real fight knowledge.

Rodney Smith says:

as a experienced fighter myself I'm not convinced that I can agree with these concepts.

Adam-Gabriel Rodriguez says:

Nah I think you know more than me. Great tip.

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