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Knife Self Defense [You Will Get Cut]


Rod Zalez says:

“My name is jeff “

Aaron Vigl says:

you f*cking donut!
-gordon ramsey

Mickle Bickle says:

“I like to watch caged animals in the daylight.”
– Sun Zoo

derping lemon says:

"What would you do in that situation?"

"IDK, I'll die I guess?🤷🏻‍♂️"

ApKeHcToH says:

= 😇

Technical Bharat says:

"There is a snake in my shoe"
-woody tzu

Aaron Vigl says:

„my mother is a b*tch.“
– son of a b*tch

Pahaw says:

Tom hardy did it again 👏


Easy when your like 7 feet lol

Kishor Prasad says:

"Gentle reminder to masturbate."
-Sun Tzu

Yoga Adi Nugraha says:

Simple version : just run and shouting "help" loudly

Water is important says:

“Why are they quoting my brother?”
-Moon Tzu

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