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Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense | 4 Defenses Against Wall Pins

I decided to upload a bonus video this week with the help of Amy Kilpatrick (RGJJN Brown Belt). This video focuses on common types of pins against a wall: one-hand choke, two-hand choke, double arm pin and headlock style pin. These are some of the most common ways someone may try to pin you against a wall, and the techniques we show here are leverage based ways to defend against these. Be sure to share and subscribe if you like self-defense videos like this. Follow on Instagram: Eli Knight – @knight_jiu_jitsu Amy Kilpatrick – @atmosphereamy


Tuxedobollinger says:

One handed choke wall pin. Can you do a block to the outside into arm triangle? I doubt the technique, I fear being pushed back by the punch if I go inside.

Ralph Jacob says:

You forgot one tip: always tuck your chin whenever someone is choking you.

Chandasouk says:

Hell yeah. Love seeing these self defense situation videos!

Gabriel Mann says:

I really like all The techniques Specially the last one It would be awesome to see in no gi version as well Or just normal clothing To give it some added reelism Plus you could experiment

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