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Jewelry Store Employees Beat The Snot Out Of Robbers

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Duende says:

black at it again

FDR Was Right says:

Next time they'll have gun.. smh

Aaron Bertoni says:

Good to see a female fight at full throttle.

The Dutch guy says:

All those robbers deserve a bullet in the head, the'll never try shit again after that.

cfuse says:

"Welcome to our store. Have a seat!"

tugquarles says:

Too bad the store clerk didn’t have a force multiplier and shot that fool.

How does California continue to elect these idiots that are destroying that state? Oh, they have voting machines too.

F A says:

no one got the snot beat out of them, bs headline @activeselfprotection

Logan Campos says:

I would of shot these crooks & try to kill them!!!! & wouldn't feel bad at al!!!

The feeling you get when you BUST A BIG OL' NUT 😝

George Spence says:

Imagine if he had used blowjobjitsu to dry hump one of the robbers on the ground while the other robber was taking a hammer to his head. He’d have been just as dead as Leandro Lo.

Kyle Weber says:

This is why you need a shotgun

Keinlieb says:

They will be looking for them forever because CA doesn't prosecute theft anymore. They may prosecute the employees for assault, but not the thieves.

Emerson Hale says:

Me as a worker there walks out of back with an AK47 and bumpfires the shit out of all 4 of them

Nomadestra says:

This like the fourth vid I've seen of California being a shithole place to live. In every one of those videos a lawful gun owner could have prevented this robbery, but being in California the law abiding citizens mean they also have to be victims.

Shawn Cook says:

The courts can't let them loose if you put s bullet in there heads. That's how thugs should be dealt with.

TheGoodWolf says:

I understand the hammer/mallet to break the cabinet but what a horrible close quarters weapon

Real_fine_mess-it_is says:

Hell yeah! It's time to stand up to these smash and grab POS thug criminals. Set a precedent and this shit WILL stop

Michael Floyd says:

It almost appears that everyone knew their job in this encounter, on both sides of the counter. I'm happy to see the good guys come out on top.

Ketsa Official says:

Gets punched in the face
I'm dead bruh


Call 911 and pray is what the politicians want us law abiding folks to do.

Brrs Graham says:

Clearly the shop is not experienced in robberies.
The display cases should be laminated glass and they should have access control on the doors either a striker lock or electromagnetic lock on the door or an additional gate. The perps will skip the store if they see some of those features when they case out the store.

Kevin Russell says:

This is wonderful. They had a plan, and the plan was not to be victims. No hesitation whatsoever. The got in there and shock'n'awed those bastards. Bravo.

Isaac says:

"Nobody was badly hurt." A shame, one of those punks should have gotten his skull caved in.

Justin Marloo says:

Lol she was kicking his ass 😂

XX Agent Terminatrix says:

This is deeply satisfying

andrew bowman says:

These women got more balls than a lot of the guys I know lmao

George Price says:

That is a good suggestion about the phone it's pretty much useless to call on someone right in the middle of something like this so there's a lot of fighting action around you that's why I said to join the fighting action instead of call somebody who's not going to be there right away I hope they catch these my thoughts are they will probably try again and they're not too far distant future if I were the owners of that store I would arm themselves because they will be back

12345678961808 says:

The police are needing help and offering a reward compensation to turn in the store employees and owners , also have started a go fund me for the traumatic experience for the robbers.

Terrible customer Cooper says:

Three cold dead dudes in black would have been the preferred outcome……js

Brandon Potter says:

I get the feeling this family will pick up some self defense tools after this. Thugs thought they were an easy target but they were very wrong. Since they're so likely to get away or get out on bail, the best way to keep them from doing it again is to put them down like the animals they are

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