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How to use Wing Chun for Basic self-defense | Master Wong

How to use Wing Chun for Basic self-defense | Master Wong For a FREE Wing Chun Programme, Click Here: Wing Chun martial arts master teaches How to keep fit MW-Fit Training and defend someone and pushing you. Real Martial Arts Master teaches students to destroy the Boxer, Muay Thai fighter, and Wing Chun fighter using basic headlock defense. MW-Fit Training MW-Fit is a compilation of all the instructions and routines you will need to build a strong foundation of fitness. A twelve-week guide to taking you step by step completing the task of making you better than you were the day before. If you want to be the best version of yourself, here is where to begin. Notice a change in just two weeks! FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL FOLLOW MASTER WONG ON SOCIAL: FACEBOOK ► Instagram ► Twitter ► MW T-Shirt ► MW Book ► MW website ► Wing Chun Course ► ~ About Master Wong ~ Master Wong never had an easy life through childhood. Being bully from and a young age till his late teens, Master Wong has overcome this problem by changing his mindset which you’ll read in this book.


exotic_butters says:

At this point, after binge watching all his videos…I'm pretty sure I can take someone out with my pinkie

kio takaminai says:

Master….. I don't know how to thank you
🙏🏻 I have no word to say ,
I want to learn wing chun and I think if I learne with your videos I be able self-defence of anybody or myself .
Sir very soon I buy your book also
I know it's full of many amazing technique.

Jimmy Butler says:

You need to get the camera back so the feet movement is shown for those that do not the importance of feet in the power gaining from the legs and total body…

Joseph Romano says:

MASTER WONG IS THE MANNNN! I've been inspired by his first video, jumped out of comfort zone and now I'm on target to make 1 million! (one day). I've even created a youtube channel to follow my progress. I first a video on doing pushups is due to drop in 45 mins. I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out, peace.

snoogily doogilys says:

Someone kicked in my door the common door the front door of where i live
Hahaha interesting

Rasta BoomBoom says:

Master wong sometimes you look young other times you look old must be your wife cooking lololol

snoogily doogilys says:

Your like a god send honestly. Thanks for teaching and fighting the goid fight

Adam Khan says:

How do we use wing chun in a street fight

Patriot78 says:

Trip the leg while throwing elbow to chest.
Make him hit the pavement hard and stomp his NUTSSSSSS!!!

all information from my chanle says:

Master Wang tell me how many hours I should practice in summer

Ned IP Tai says:

Pobre chavo, cómo nadie le hace nada a él se aprovecha

Dean Brannan says:

Brilliant tutorial👍

Rubel Ahmed says:

This is around 3 am Bangladesh time. You do not sleep enough for us.😋 sorry for fun.

Yksel Freeman says:

6:40 after that move what the hell we gonna do to our enemy fight is not gonna finish after those defence moves

Mathieu Jolliff says:

Love it love it. Simple and practical

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