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How to defend yourself from a bully Self Defense Techniques #5

How to defend yourself from a bully Self Defense Techniques #5 | Master Wong Do you what to build your, Self-confidence and develops Physical conditioning? Start now:

the basic training will help you improve yourself in many ways. The benefits you should achieve are Self-confidence, coordination, reflexes, fitness and better health.

Let me ask you some questions…

Do you want Self-confidence and are you ready to improve your health and coordination?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get rid of fear and learn to defend yourself? What if you could instantly download Wing Chun into your brain? These are questions I used to ask myself as well.

Just imagine if you had that Wing Chun Kung Fu skill, what would you do with it? Would that instantly change your life and health for the better? Unfortunately, Wing Chun Kung Fu isn’t as easy as inserting a cord into our brains to download the information like the Matrix. You’ll have to find a good Master if you want to learn correctly. Even if you find a Master that could expedite your training, it’s going to take years to hone the skills that you envision.

Talk about “Wing Chun Kung Fu overload” . . .
Start now!:

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~ About Master Wong ~
Master Wong never had an easy life through childhood. Being bully from and a young age till his late teens, Master Wong has overcome this problem by changing his mindset which you’ll read in this book. ►


Andrew Alexander says:

Mm, is good one.

Mukesh Kumar says:

I like your vedios very much you are awesome

Select A Key says:

okay, what if they also know and are slightly faster.

1,000 subsrcibers without videos says:

Fat people? they're legs are like blubber and stomach is the same.

Harpy Eagle says:

Helppppp meh

John Hansen says:

Thanks, u explain us good, I learn much. The world society, people, has become more bad, danger, is important job u do, thank you!

Pakpahan Divan says:

Thanks mr wong. Please make video "how to dafed from enemy with 2 knife in his arms?

Just Saying says:

If a guy does this, you do this.

Marian Lott says:

My son need help to fight.

Ahmad Pasya says:

What if that punch is missed with our block ?

Game Changers says:

Master what if we are on the ground while fighting and the enemy in above us !!! Then what to do????

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