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Horsetooth Mountain trail runner suffocates, kills mountain lion in self defense

A man running on West Ridge Trail at Horsetooth Mountain Park killed an attacking mountain lion by suffocation in self-defense Monday afternoon, according to a release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.


pistol pete says:

Disgusting dumb mutts aka 'man's best friend' have killed more humans than any other animal COMBINED in the past 100 years.
If i could go around and kill them all one by one, I'd be happy

indoctus41 says:

Is pepper spray not an option? I always carry it in the bush.

Eric Medeiros says:

It attacked because it was hungry! You can call the autopsy off! Or mabey it was influenced by the Russians!

Tiger Cub says:

I dance when hunters die! Stupid asshole, stay out of the lion's habitat!
They are hungry & protecting their offspring.
If you are running or riding a bike, you are prey!
It's obvious it was a juvenile Puma, there is no suffocating a full grown lion!
I hope he suffers nightmares & a limp prick, the rest of his stupid life!🤪🐆

Adrian Kingdon says:

I’m no veterinary pathologist but I think the necropsy will conclude that the mountain lion was hungry…

Randy Nickel says:

thumbnail image gives the impression the actual runner is in the video. thumbs down from me. you can do better

Honest Dave says:

Sounds like bullshit

Jonah Sicker says:


Eric Melgoza says:

He researched how to choke out a mountain lion…what….

Timothy Hsu says:

carry a laser pointer with you, and you shall be save

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